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How to Increase Back Flexibility for Cheerleading

A flexible back makes cheerleading elements, such as tumbling, stunting and jumps, easier to perform. Tight back muscles can limit...

Does Stretching Burn Calories?

Reaching down and touching your toes for a long hold doesn't seem like an intense workout because, well, it's not. You still burn ...

Standing Pectoral Stretches

The pectoral major and pectoral minor -- the two primary muscles in the chest -- serve to support shoulder flexion, adduction and ...

Child's Flexibility Issues

Just as you monitor your child's academic progress and social development, you also need to keep an eye on her fitness level. Alon...

My Back Hurts More After Stretching

Many conditions can cause back pain. Stretching the muscles of your lower back can often ease -- or even eliminate -- the proble...

Arm and Shoulder Stretches

Shoulder and arm joints are connected to your bones and muscles with connective tissue. Due to inactivity, injury and age, this ti...

How to Increase Flexibility in Tendons in the Groin

Stiff groin muscles can interfere with your athletic performance and put you at risk for injury. Regular stretching is key to main...

About Kyphoscoliosis Syndrome

Kyphoscoliosis, medically termed kyphosis, involves the forward rounding of the upper back. The rounding is typically extreme, occ...

Hand Exercises for Knitters

Many knitters know the joy and pain of marathon crafting sessions in which "just one more row" turns into another 6 inch...

Stretches for Upper Back Pain Relief

If you’re suffering from upper back and neck pain, the chances are that the pain has been caused by tight muscles. Sitting t...
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