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Valerian Tea and Pregnancy

The root of the valerian plant, a member of the daisy family, has a long-standing history of use as a naturopathic treatment for a...

Chamomile Tea for Bladder Infection

A common form of urinary tract infection, bladder infections sometimes develop in men and children, but they primarily affect wome...

The Uses of Sage Tea

Harvested all across the world, sage or Salvia officinalis, is an herb that is most commonly known as a popular culinary spice. As...

Chinese Tea Side Effects

Chinese tea has different varieties: green, white, oolong, red; they are differentiated by the type of leaves used to make the tea...

Laci Lebeau Dieter's Tea Side-Effects

Among today's many weight loss products is Laci Lebuea Dieter's Tea, which is marketed as a simple and natural addition to a weigh...

Side Effects of Poppy Tea

Poppy tea is derived from the poppy plant. This type of tea is unlike a tea you can purchase from the supermarket; it is a strong ...

Essiac Tea Side Effects

Rene Caisse, a Canadian public health nurse, developed the formula for Essiac tea in the 1920s. This herbal concoction was widely ...

Herbs & Tea for Vertigo

For some people, vertigo, or dizziness, is so severe it leads to nausea, vomiting and loss of balance, which may in turn result in...

Shepherd's Purse Tea Side Effects

Shepherd's purse, also known as lady's purse, pickpocket, witches' pouches and various other common names, is a European native no...

Herbal Teas to Avoid When Pregnant

Herbal teas are often encouraged during pregnancy by midwives and other healthcare providers who support a more natural approach t...
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