What Muscles Does the Stairmaster Work?

The Stairmaster challenges the butt and leg muscles.
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The Stairmaster provides a cardio workout, while building muscular endurance and toning lower-body muscles. Doing three Stairmaster sessions a week helps tone and slim the legs, reports "Fitness" magazine. While the handrails help you balance, make sure that you are not leaning on them and shifting the focus away from your lower body. If you have knee problems, talk to your doctor before using the Stairmaster.


Tone Your Backside

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You use your glutes and hamstrings every time you push through your heel and lift your foot onto the next stair. Strong butt and thigh muscles improve physical appearance and athletic capability, making it easier to run, jump and squat. Try skipping a stair to increase muscular intensity.

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Power Your Quads

Climbing the Stairmaster challenges the quads, or the front, top portion of your legs. Skipping a stair also ups the ante for the quads. Quads power many movements, including walking, running and squatting.

Strengthen Your Calves

The Stairmaster works the calves, on the lower, back portion of your legs. If you want to emphasize your calves during part of your workout, shift your weight onto the balls of your feet.




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