Boxing Workouts for Weight Loss

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The keys to losing weight are maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet and consistently engaging in various cardiovascular exercises. People seeking a challenging, new workout can try boxing as a form of losing weight. You don't necessarily have to get in the ring with an opponent; the workout itself is an effective way to shed some pounds.


Why Boxing Workouts?

Woman with boxing gloves on punching bag.

Boxing is a grueling and demanding sport that many understandably associate with brutality and violence. Despite any preconceived notions you may have regarding pugilism, boxing exercises can quickly and dramatically help you burn off fat. When you box, you are undergoing a full-body workout that is a mixture of cardio and high-impact training. Such activities will help you become leaner, more toned and much stronger. The website Real Women's Fitness recommends that you first hire a trainer to learn how to properly punch and wrap your hands to prevent any injuries from occurring while you train. After taking the necessary precautions, you should focus your efforts on three particular boxing exercises: hitting the heavy bag, jumping rope and sparring.


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Heavy Bag

Young female boxer punching heavy bag.

After warming-up, wrapping your hands and putting on a pair of thick boxing gloves, you are ready to begin hitting a heavy bag. Real Women's Fitness suggests that you attempt to complete 10 three-minute rounds of hitting the heavy bag with only 30 seconds of rest in between each round. It is imperative that you utilize a variety of punches like jabs, hooks, crosses and uppercuts during every round. Each punch works a particular muscle and honing your muscles also promotes weight loss. Furthermore, each punch will force the heavy bag to sway in a different direction. When the bag sways, you need to react and dodge the bag as though you are avoiding being punched by an opponent. Such movements will also enhance your stamina, coordination and reaction speed. This exercise can help you lose weight in as little as one or two weeks.


Jump Rope

Close up view of a jump rope.

Jumping rope is a basic staple for boxing training. Beyond speed, skill and strength, cardiovascular conditioning is vital to the success of a boxer. No matter how good a certain boxer may be, if the fighter becomes overly fatigued he has little chance to emerge victorious. Jumping rope is one of the preeminent cardiovascular exercises that you can do to maximize your conditioning efforts. In addition, jumping rope will also help define your arms and legs. If you jump rope consistently, you can expect to begin losing weight in a matter of days.



Speed Bag

Woman punching a speed bag.

Hitting a speed bag is a boxing exercise staple. A speed bag is a ballooned ball that is suspended by a hook to an elevated rebound platform board. Timing and hand-eye coordination are vital components to properly perform this exercise. Famed boxing trainer Teddy Atlas recommends that you hit the bag on every other rebound to initially gain a rhythm. Once you manage to gain a rhythm with your punches, you can begin to increase your pace and alter the difficulty of your combinations. This exercise will increase your heart rate and promote weight loss by burning fat. You should attempt three intense minutes of hitting the speed bag for approximately three rounds. Try to limit your breaks between rounds to only 20 to 30 seconds to maintain your increased heart rate. If practiced routinely, this workout will tone your arms and shoulders, and it can help you lose weight within two weeks.



Sparring isn't essential if you want to lose weight through boxing. However, if you've developed your fundamentals over months of training and the gym's instructors believe you're ready for light sparring, this activity helps you hone your skills. Always wear the proper protective gear, including a mouth guard, head gear, hand wraps, sparring gloves and a no-foul protector. Work with a partner you trust and never spar without the supervision of a trainer. If you're nervous about sparring, forgo it -- the rest of your boxing workout can be enough to help you lose weight.




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