3 Tips To Make Your Wine Habit A Little Healthier

Picture this: a world where your nightly glass of wine doesn't add extra brain fog to your morning. A world where you don't feel like your full day of clean eating and meeting your steps goal is undermined by the sugar content, additives or extra calories in your night cap (or brunch!). This is where FitVine Wine comes in.


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FitVine was founded when friends decided to combine their love of wine with their love of fitness and sustainability. The result? Wines that have lower sugar, carb, sulfate and calorie content, and no additives — without sacrificing alcohol content. "Our process includes a natural extended fermentation process where we ferment to dry and triple filter our wines. We also choose the highest quality grapes from small farmers who focus on quality, not quantity," explains FitVine co-founder Mark Warren. FitVine Wines average less than 1.0g of sugar per liter or ~0.01g - 0.09g per 5oz glass, which is significantly less than the average 0.9g - 1.4g per 5oz glass!


When it comes to making your wine consumption more health-minded, here are a few tips:

Pay Attention to the Label

Of course, nutrition doesn't go out the window when it comes to alcohol consumption, but the industry has made it a lot harder for you to figure out exactly what you're consuming. "After carefully selecting a bottle of wine with the most captivating label, have you ever turned that bottle around and been surprised to find that there is no nutrition or ingredient label?" asks Warren.


"The majority of us have no idea what we're really drinking when we uncork a bottle, then wonder why we gain weight or have a massive headache after one to two glasses." His advice: Do your research on that vineyard to find out their winemaking process and any nutritional information they can offer.


Generally, you want to stick to options that are low in sugar and sulfates with little-to-no additives, which are the main culprits of your hangover and bloat.

One Glass of Water for Every Glass of Wine

It's easy to be in a social setting and enjoy glass after glass of vino, realizing after 3-4 hours that you haven't consumed any water whatsoever. To keep your hydration levels balanced, make sure that you are drinking one glass of water per glass of alcohol. This not only gives your body a chance to assimilate the alcohol, but slows down your consumption. Because we're all too busy for a hangover, right?

Make It Count!

Whether it's your Netflix and chill at the end of a long day, or socializing with friends, make it count by choosing high-quality brands that care about what they put into their products... and high-quality friends to share it with. "We like to say that we crush grapes so you can crush life," Warren says.

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The wines go through an extended fermentation process, which lowers sugar levels resulting in wines that average less than 1.0g of sugar per liter or ~0.01g - 0.09 per 5oz glass. The grapes are chosen from small farmers who focus on quality, not quantity, which gives each bottle a rich flavor and mouthfeel.