5 Farro Breakfast Bowls With More Fiber Than Oatmeal

These farro breakfast recipes are full of fiber and other important nutrients.

Oatmeal is probably the most widely used and recognized breakfast grain. But while a 1-cup serving of oatmeal serves up 4 grams of fiber, the same amount of farro will give you 9 grams.


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This versatile ancient grain is the perfect addition to your favorite breakfast bowl, as it can be served sweet, savory, hot or cold. And it's even more filling than oatmeal, thanks to its texture and fiber content.

"Farro is an ancient wheat with a nutty flavor and chewy consistency, which makes it very hearty," says Frances Largeman-Roth, RDN, nutrition expert and author of ​Smoothies & Juices: Prevention Healing Kitchen. "​It's high in fiber, protein and the minerals zinc and magnesium."


Farro is also quick to prepare and easy to store, making mealtime a whole lot simpler. Give this grain a fair try with these five farro breakfast bowl recipes.

1. Mediterranean-Inspired Farro Breakfast Bowl

You can swap the breakfast sausage in this recipe for shredded chicken to lower the calories.
  • Calories:​ 644
  • Fiber:​ 8 grams


Fiber is a satiating nutrient that helps keep blood sugar levels stable, Largeman-Roth says. Starting the morning with a savory, high-fiber recipe will help regulate your blood sugar, keeping mid-morning sugar cravings at bay.

Whereas the soft texture of oatmeal makes savory combinations a challenge, farro offers a tougher, chewy texture and nutty taste, making it a great morning grain, Largeman-Roth says.


"Farro really holds its shape and while it does become tender it's always quite toothsome, so it doesn't become soft like oats," she says. "But that's why it's great for making a big batch and then using it throughout the week in various ways."

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2. Pomegranate-Farro Breakfast Salad With Honey Ricotta

For a simpler prep, you can purchase pre-prepared pomegranate arils at your grocery store.
  • Calories​: 294
  • Fiber:​ 8 grams

Although Largeman-Roth loves to enjoy her farro with goat cheese, ricotta is another excellent low-fat choice. Plus, it pairs well with sweet ingredients, like the honey and pomegranate in this recipe.

Farro does provide some protein, but you can incorporate a fried egg into this bowl for an extra kick, Largeman-Roth suggests. Paired with the 8 grams of fiber in this recipe, adding some extra protein will help you feel full well after breakfast.

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3. Savory Harissa Farro Breakfast Bowl

Prepare farro with spicy, savory flavor with this dish drizzled in harissa yogurt sauce.
  • Calories:​ 396
  • Fiber:​ 8 grams

This savory breakfast bowl featuring farro as the base includes a dose of veggies and protein to get your day started off right. This dish features slightly sweet butternut squash and the umami flavoring of mushrooms, all topped with a poached egg and drizzled in spicy harissa yogurt sauce.

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4. Maple Cinnamon Breakfast Farro

You may want to add some extra protein to this breakfast.
  • Calories:​ 241
  • Fiber:​ 8 grams

Topped with berries, banana and maple syrup, this farro bowl will satisfy any morning sweet tooth. And although this hearty recipe will supply a good dose of fiber, it is a bit lower in protein than most breakfast dishes.

To increase the total protein count, you can stir in your favorite protein powder or add some low-fat Greek yogurt.

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5. 5-Minute Pumpkin Breakfast Farro Bowl

This farro bowl will take only about 5 minutes to prepare.
  • Calories:​ 338
  • Fiber:​ 11.2 grams

Although it's best known as a fall flavor, you can enjoy some pumpkin year-round, thanks to this breakfast recipe. Combining farro, pumpkin puree and protein powder, this bowl offers an excellent balance of macronutrients (fat, carbohydrates and protein), guaranteeing you'll feel full all morning.

For some extra crunch, you can top this bowl with some low-sugar homemade granola or chopped apples.

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Image Credit: LIVESTRONG.com Creative