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Baloo's stonewashed linen sheets are soft, breathable and oh-so-comfy.

I feel my absolute best self awaken as spring becomes summer. When the days get long, I become an energizer bunny, bouncing from the gym to beach volleyball to a jog with friends, gradually tuckering myself out as the day goes on. I spend hours in the sun (with tons of sunscreen, of course) and remain mildly sweaty from dawn to dusk.


Come evening, after a long, cool shower and cleansing routine, I'm more than ready to hit the hay. This is arguably the best part of my day, when I grab a fantasy novel and slide my squeaky-clean self between my set of Baloo's stonewashed linen sheets.

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I promise you, there's absolutely no better feeling than these cooling sheets.

Baloo Sheets' Features and Functions

Let's backtrack: I've never been a huge sheet snob. Of course, I love crisp, clean sheets, but I never fretted over thread counts or fabrics. I'm a pretty active person and usually fall asleep relatively quickly. I'm not a super hot sleeper either, but the thought of sleeping on satin seemed sweltering. So, I'd always just stuck with plain old cotton.

But after trying Baloo's stonewashed linen sheets, I can shamelessly admit I'm now a bedsheet snob. Ending a hot day on linen sheets is like getting ice cream after dinner — the crème de la crème of summer.

I'm no stranger to sunburn. And considering I don't have an air conditioner in my California apartment, soft sheets are a must-have when my shoulders get especially hot and scratchy.


Although I'm a cool sleeper myself, my SO definitely runs hot. Actually, that's an understatement. Let's just say, hell hath no fury like an overheated man in the middle of the night. But these sheets keep even the warmest sleepers chill (literally and figuratively).

They also wash super easily, and I have no trouble tossing them into my machine with other sheet sets. These take cool water and dry super quick, too — which is a major plus, because I absolutely hate waiting around the dryer for my things to be done.


Plus, Baloo's sets are stonewashed, and the company isn't exaggerating when they say their sheets get softer with every wash. On the first use, I actually found them a twinge scratchy, but after one wash cycle, the luxury-level softness set in.

Baloo also has a handful of color options to choose from, so you can find a set that suits your taste. Personally, I love the classic look of the oatmeal color, but I will admit I've recently added the dove grey to my cart.


Each set comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillow cases. For those with king-sized beds, the pillow cases come in a larger, king-friendly size, too.

Get Your Own Linen Sheets

If you're going to treat yourself to anything this season, Baloo's linen sheets are a choice I promise you won't regret.

So, spend your summer evenings cool and comfortable with your very own set. They're worth every penny.



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