How to Get Big Arms Fast at Home

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Building slabs of muscle is a process; with a specific game plan, you'll notice results in a few weeks. If your goal is to get bigger arms fast at home, then your commitment is two arm workouts per week. You must also train each major arm muscle and use some special techniques to accelerate muscular growth. You can do these weekly workouts in your own home, as long as you own a pair of dumbbells and an exercise bench.

Tried-and-True Bi's

The biceps don't require as much effort as training larger muscles, such as the quads of the legs. There are several tried-and-true biceps exercises that'll have your muscles engorged with nutrient-filled blood, making your biceps look like a pair of swollen tennis balls. These exercises are the standing dumbbell curl, seated dumbbell curl and incline dumbbell curl. The gist of these workouts is you hold a dumbbell in each hand, place your elbows by your sides and then raise the dumbbells up as high as you can while contracting your biceps to the fullest. The only difference between the exercises is the position of your body, which will help keep your workouts varied. And here's something extra for you to know: these exercises also work another major arm muscle, the brachialis. Think of this as the biceps brother, or sister, muscle. It also plays a significant role in making your arms look bigger.

Don't Forget the Tri's

The triceps are located opposite the biceps and hence at the back of your arms. So, training them may not be as exciting unless you have mirrors around you. And if you do, then prepare to witness your triceps transform from little muscles to big horseshoe-like slabs of mass. To fire up your triceps training, perform the standing, seated and lying triceps extension. Perform these exercises by first holding the dumbbells over your head in the standing version, and over your chest for the seated and lying variations. Then, bend your elbows as much as you can, or until your triceps feel like they are being totally stretched. At no point should you subject your muscles to pain, so as soon as you feel this stretching sensation, straighten your elbows to return to the beginning.

Supersets Are Best

The muscle "pump" is one of the most sought-after feeling of working out. Your muscles become filled with blood and this is beneficial because blood helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to your muscles so they can recover and get bigger and stronger. When training your arms, implement a training technique called supersets. This helpful trick will take your "pump" to the next level. To do supersets, you must go from one set of a biceps exercise right into one set of a triceps exercise. Once you do two back-to-back sets, you then rest for one to two minutes and repeat. Your arms will feel like exploding, but fear not, they won't.

Putting the Pieces Together

Begin your arm workout by doing three to five minutes of jumping jacks and then three to five sets of pushups to warm up your muscles. Then move on to the meat and potatoes of your arm workout, which are the superset exercises. Do three exercises for the biceps and triceps. Complete three supersets per exercise for a total of nine supersets. Keep your repetitions between 10 and 15 per set. Once you go through all your sets, lightly walk up and down the stairs for five minutes to cool down your body.

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