Facial Exercises for Men

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It is not just women who become sensitive to aging skin and sagging facial muscles -- men can also succumb to self-conscious thoughts about these things. Facial exercises, also called facial yoga, strengthen the muscles of your face. A more taut appearance may help to tighten jowls and reduce the appearance of fine lines around your mouth, eyes and forehead.


Manly Methods

Though not likely performed by the guys on the weight floor at the gym, facial exercises involve repetitively contracting specific muscles. The exercises often take under five minutes to complete and do not require any additional equipment. The blowfish, for example, targets the area around your cheekbones. Fill your cheeks with air and then slowly release the air out of your mouth. Tone the muscles of your chin and neck by lifting your lower lip as high as possible while keeping your head straight; hold the position for one count and then slowly lower the chin. Perform 10 to 12 repetitions of each exercise.


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The results for facial exercises may vary from man to man; talk with your doctor about your concerns before performing any exercises. Also take other factors into consideration, such as sun exposure, lifestyle and nutrition, when trying to improve the tone of facial muscles and the look of skin.




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