Keyboard Finger Exercises

Keyboard finger exercises will help improve your typing speed and accuracy.
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Keyboard finger exercises are designed to help you improve your typing and writing skills. While many keyboard finger exercises are designed to strengthen your fingers and improve their stamina, others focus on your typing accuracy and form. Typing exercises range from interactive online games to extended copy editing as well as transcribing previously written documents.

Keyboard Warm Up Exercise

This keyboard warm up exercise is designed to loosen up your fingers and keep them nimble while you are typing. Sit down at your computer and place your fingers in the proper typing position. From here, remove your right hand and start to shake out your fingers. While shaking out your right hand, make sure that your arm is straight and your hand is loose. After you have shaken your right hand out for a minute or more, bring it close to your chest and continue to shake out your wrist and fingers while stretching your arm. After you have shaken out your right arm, repeat this same exercise with your left hand.

Finger Upper Downer Exercise

This exercise is designed to help get each one of your fingers used to every key that it is supposed to hit. As a result, this exercise requires you to focus on one finger at a time while typing. Sit down at your keyboard with your back straight and fingers in a basic typing position. From here, pick one finger to start with and type each key in its vertical region. According to Typing Lessons, vertical typing on a keyboard is actually up and down with a slight slant. For example, when practicing vertical typing with your left ring finger, you will hit the keys s,w,2 and x. Hit each key several times, jumping between keys to get a better feel for the keyboard.

Finger Stretching For Typing

This finger stretching exercise will help keep your fingers loose while you are typing. Sit or stand next to your keyboard and shake your hands and fingers out. Put both of your hands together, touching at the fingertips. Once all of your fingers are touching, stretch them out, pushing off each other until you feel a stretch in all of your fingers. From here, bring your fingers back in so that your hands are flush against each other. Repeat this exercise 10 to 15 times, depending on your fatigue levels. Perform this exercise in conjunction with other finger stretching exercises to keep your fingers nimble while typing.