How to Get Rid of Belly Skin Fold Odor

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If you are like some individuals with a larger belly, you are conscious of your appearance and frustrated by your girth. You may also find yourself concerned about a recurring problem with odor emitting from your belly skin fold. Eliminating belly skin fold odor is an objective you can accomplish with relative ease, provided you adhere to a daily cleansing and treatment regimen, according to "Body Odor" by Frederic P. Miller, Agnes F. Vandome & John McBrewster.


Step 1

Wash the fold under your belly as part of your daily morning ritual. You can accomplish this task by taking a shower or bath or by washing the area with a fresh wash cloth.

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Step 2

Use a hypoallergenic soap for washing the skin fold area. This part of your body is prone to irritation and other skin problems. Do not aggravate the potential for these problems by using a harsher soap product.

Step 3

Thoroughly dry the skin fold area. Make sure that all moisture is removed in this process. Permitting any to remain can result in an acceleration of odor during the course of the day.

Step 4

Dab baby powder across the entire area covered by your belly. Do not overdo it, as placing too much baby powder in the area leads to clumping and a reduction of the effectiveness of the product. Talcum powder or corn starch represent two alternatives to baby powder. Use unscented versions of these products.

Step 5

Repeat the morning wash and powder process at least one more time during the course of the day. If you engage in physical activity during the day, wash and powder afterwards.

Things You'll Need

  • Hypoallergenic soap

  • Clean washcloth

  • Baby or talcum powder


Select looser fitting shirts made of cotton, a fabric that breathes well. Make sure you wear freshly a laundered shirt each day, changing more frequently depending on your physical activity during the course of a particular day.


Do not use cologne as a means of dealing with belly skin fold odor. Cologne does nothing to eliminate the problem. At best, cologne only masks odor for a short time, if at all.

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