How to Build My Cheek Muscles

As we age, our cheeks take on a hollow appearance and begin to sag.

High, prominent cheekbones are a key component of an appealing face. The face begins to show signs of aging when gravity draws the cheeks inward and down, causing folds to form between the nose and and mouth. As the cheeks sag, the jaw also becomes undefined and pouches of flesh, known as jowls, begin to form. According to Louise Annette, creator of the "Ageless If You Dare" facial exercise program, much of what is considered to be cheekbone is actually muscular tissue, and training the four main cheek muscles will help to rebuild the contours of the cheeks and lift the face.


Step 1

Grasp a chunk of flesh along the cheekbone. Do this by placing the three middle fingers of either hand along the top of the cheekbone, and place your thumb in the middle of the cheek where dimples are commonly found. Press the flesh downward away from the eye socket area. While still pressing down, open your mouth slightly, and move the corners of your mouth into a very wide, happy smile. While holding the pose, you can either count to five or repeat a positive affirmation. Louise Annette recommends saying "It's wonderful to feel happy" rather than simply counting. Repeat 20 times. Perform this exercise every other day to build the zygomaticus major muscle and encourage fuller cheeks.


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Step 2

Sit in an erect position. Hold your shoulders back, and jut your chin slightly forward. Open your mouth and wrap your upper and lower lips over your teeth. Place your index finger on your chin. Open your mouth wider, while simultaneously looking up at the ceiling, and lift your lower lids in a squint. While holding this pose, raise your cheeks by making a smile with your upper lip. Use the index finger on your chin to create resistance. Hold this position for 30 seconds, then relax. Carole Maggio, who authored the "Facercise" training program, says this exercise will help to lift the cheeks. Perform once or twice daily.


Step 3

Close your mouth. Draw the insides of your cheeks as close to your teeth as possible, as though performing a tight-lipped smile. Place the fleshy part of your palms against your cheeks and press slightly inward. Hold while counting to six, and repeat 10 times. This exercise forms part of Deborah Crowley's Flex Effect facial resistance program, and targets the buccinator muscle, which when firmed will fill out the hollows of cheeks. This exercise should be repeated at least five times weekly.



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