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How To Gain muscle

The Science of Building Muscle

I remember it like it was yesterday. For 13 years I’d been inundated by images of big, strong, athletic-looking people bulg...

Get Serious Results With One Simple Strength Training Change

Learn why you need to incorporate eccentric movements into your training program to make you the best athlete you can be!...

How to Improve a 100-Meter Sprint

The 100-meter sprint is a highly competitive event and athletes are always looking to beat their competitors' times. Some college ...

What Is the Fastest Way to Build Muscle Naturally?

Anyone can gain muscle fast without using steroids, but it requires a serious commitment to training and nutrition. If you're not ...

Exercises Using Ankle Weights

Ankle weights are fitness tools that get fastened to your lower legs to create resistance while working out. Ankle weights are use...

Bokken Techniques

The bokken, or wooden samurai sword, is a common accompaniment to kendo and kenjutsu training. Fashioned from a single cut of wood...

Natural Ways to Bulk Up

For the natural bodybuilder, bulking up presents a special challenge. Without steroids to aid in muscle gain, the natural bodybuil...

Why Is Lifting Weights Good for You?

Lifting weights, also commonly referred to as resistance or strength training, is a method of conditioning which safely and effect...

Weight Training Pyramid Workouts

Pyramid training is an advanced technique for experienced weightlifters who have plateaued with their current routine and are look...

What Are the Benefits of Lifting Weights at Night?

Late night training has always had a bad reputation. Common sense dictates that training in the morning or afternoon is optimal si...
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