Can Facial Exercises Reduce Jowls?

Facial exercises will help to tone sagging jowls.

One of the signs of an aging face is the appearance of small pouches of flesh along the jawline that are known as jowls. As the cheek muscles lose strength and are drawn downward, jowls develop and give the jaw an undefined loose appearance. A cosmetic surgeon can perform jowl liposuction or a face lift, which will improve the appearance of these unattractive saggy pockets, or you can practice facial exercise routines to lift the face muscles and improve the appearance of jowls.


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Teeth Clincher

The Teeth Clincher exercise forms part of the facial exercise training program named "Flex Effect" produced by Deborah Crowley. Crowley sanctions performing the exercise at least five times per week to alleviate the appearance of jowls. Place the "apples" of your palms on the upper part of your jaw, in front of your ears, and clench your back teeth to contract the muscle. You will feel the muscle moving beneath your palms. Increase the resistance by pressing your palms more firmly against your face, and hold for a count of six. Repeat 10 times.


Cheek Lift

"Ageless If You Dare" creator Louise Annette claims that routinely exercising the cheek muscles will not only lift the cheeks, but will also help eliminate sagging jowls. Annette claims eliminating jowls without working on the cheek muscles will not have lasting results as sagging jowls are simply a symptom of weakened cheek muscles. Annette endorses several exercises to lift the cheeks, which she recommends should be performed at least twice a week for optimal results. In order to perform the cheek lift, place the three middle fingers of each hand vertically alongside the length of your nose and position your thumb approximately an inch away, toward your ear. Grab a chunk of cheek flesh, grasping as much flesh as possible and pinch, while simultaneously using the cheek muscle to lift the cheeks directly up toward the center of the eye. Hold the pose while counting to five, or repeat the phrase "delighted to see you" while repeating the exercise 20 times.


Happy Smile

Louise Annette also describes how performing an exercise she calls "Happy Smile" can help to promote fuller cheeks, which will in turn lift the face and improve the appearance of jowls. Place your three middle fingers on top of your cheekbones and your thumbs where dimples are usually found. Your fingers should be pressing the flesh away from your eye sockets. Open your mouth and move the corners of your mouth toward your ears as if you were smiling widely. Repeat 20 times, holding the pose while repeating the phrase "it's wonderful to feel happy."