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Exercises and Workouts

Can Walking Be Enough to Reduce Obesity?

Can Walking Be Enough to Reduce Obesity?. Walking is hands-down the easiest form of exercise. So easy, in fact, that you likely do...

Where to Put an Elliptical in Your House

Using an elliptical trainer burns calories and tones your muscles, but if you don't have the time or budget to visit a gym several...

Assisted Shoulder Dips

Shoulder dips, also known as triceps or chest dips, target either your triceps or pectoral muscles. In either case, dips also work...

P90X Vs. Max Workouts

P90X and MAX Workouts are both 90-day at-home workout programs. The two fitness products share some similarities, but they have si...

How Fast Am I Going if I Ran at 5.0 on a Treadmill for One Mile?

Knowing your pace in minutes per mile can help you estimate how long it might take you to cover a specific distance. Most treadmil...

Should I Exercise 5 Days a Week?

Exercise promotes good health and weight maintenance. How much you choose to exercise depends on your goals, schedule and prioriti...

How Much Should I Front Squat?

The front squat is a variation of the back squat but with the barbell placed in front of the chest instead of resting on the upper...

How to Do a Gymnastic Spin

Spins and turns are some of the most beautiful skills in the sport of gymnastics. To the untrained eye, a spin should look effortl...

Back Exercises Without Weights

A strong back leads to better posture and ease of movement in sports and everyday tasks. Build a healthy back with body weight exe...

Your Guide to the Official Tabata Body Workout

So what exactly is the Tabata Protocol? It’s a scientifically tested four-minute timed-intensity training protocol. It consi...
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