Exercises and Workouts

Diverse fitness class doing squats
Group of women doing a dance workout for beginners
woman doing an overhead barbell squat in the gym as part of a superset workout
Young African American man doing push up in city park
Athletes resting with towel
Woman squatting with barbell on her shoulders in a fitness gym.
Delighted smiling woman exercising with sport equipment.
Young woman in Ardha Matsyendrasana pose against city and river
Disabled young man training in the gym
Mixed Race woman lifting barbell in gymnasium
Fit, young African American woman working out with barbells in a fitness gym.
Mid adult male athlete concentrating while rowing at the gym
Woman lifting weights at the gym
Portrait of confident woman practicing tree pose by window at home
Active young man exercising in a gym
Fit, young woman doing a full-body dumbbell workout for beginners
Woman doing shoulder exercise with a trainer during a beginner strength-training workout
Woman crouching to lift barbell in gym
Muscular man exercising with medicine ball at gym
Man doing kettlebell workout at the gym
Fit senior man lifting weights alone in a gym
Mature strong man doing battle rope exercises during a CrossFit MetCon workout
split image of energy-boosting food bowl and women doing a HIIT workout
Athlete doing handstand on sidewalk
Proper form for single-leg hip thrust couch exercise
Young sporty attractive woman practicing yoga, doing a live-stream workout from her laptop
Young Caucasian Male Athlete Doing Wall Balls With a Medicine Ball Wall During a CrossFit Workout
Man doing a seated abdominal twist exercise during a full-body chair workout
Happy athletic woman cleaning sweat during water break on a treadmill in a gym.
Two people exercising for cross-country running in winter jogging on snowy path
illustration of 2020 fitness trends, including kettlebells, VR headset, and high-tech at-home workouts
illustration of fitness trends in 2019, including Mirror workout and micro-HIIT
Sick woman blowing her nose
Hispanic man punching speed bag in gymnasium
sleep-deprived woman yawning during a workout
man running on a road in winter with exposed skin
Man working out with a kettlebell in a gym
Fitness woman working out at Private gym
Young african american woman sitting on the floor at home showing arms muscles smiling proud. Fitness concept.
Proper form for heel-elevated hip thrust decline.
Two attractive body-positive women, Latino and Caucasian, doing a workout on the exercise bike in the gym under the supervision of the coach, the senior 55-years-old Cuban Hispanic man
Woman doing a plank with leg lift during an at-home video workout challenge
Fitness couple winter morning exercise at snowy mountain.
Woman's legs in black leggings on road
Man doing arm and ab exercises with a resistance band outside
Full length portrait of young sportwoman in black top and orange leggings performs exercises for the muscles of the legs with elastic resistance band.
Mature people stacking hands after workout
Female fitness sport model outdoor in cold winter weather
Women doing 20-minute HIIT workout for the butt and legs by doing the donkey kick exercise
Urban female athlete focusing on her goals writting on notepad
Woman doing HIIT workout in the park.
Couple finishing workout together.
Woman doing HIIT workout at home
Group of people discussing workout.
Woman flexing after 20-minute morning workout
Man exercising with dumbbells on fitness ball in bedroom
Doing a medicine ball wall ball with crunch during CrossFit AMRAP workout
Woman doing box jumps during AMRAP workout at a CrossFit gym
Man weightlifting barbell in gym
Man relaxing, using smart phone on living room sofa
Woman at the gym doing post-workout routine
Pensive man resting on bench at gym during mindful workout
Woman doing seated dumbbell workout for shoulders
Woman doing HIIT workout with medicine ball at the gym
Couple lifting weights and doing cardio in their garage
Female athlete performing rope climbing in CrossFit gym
Young muscular woman doing Lunges during dumbbell butt workout
Focused Male Athlete Doing a Workout Finisher with Battle Ropes Outdoors
Man with workout injury near his ankle
Woman performing incline bench press.
Fit senior sporty couple working out together at gym
Man over 50 doing HIIT workout