Build Cardio and Full-Body Strength in Just 10 Minutes a Day With This Month-Long Workout Video Challenge

Staying active through the hectic holiday season can help you better mange your stress.
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Healthy habits are built one day at a time. Our monthly fitness challenges can help you stay on track all year long.

December can be overwhelming, and when things get hectic, exercise is often the first thing many of us let slide. But sticking to your regular exercise routine has benefits even when you feel like you don't have the time: It can help relieve stress and promote better sleep.


That's why we put together this simple, month-long challenge specifically with the month of December in mind. This program takes the guesswork out of planning your workouts: Each day you'll follow along with one video. The videos are all between 10 and 15 minutes, meaning even when you're short on time, you can still squeeze them in.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

How the Workout Video Challenge Works

Starting Thursday, December 1, most days of the week, you'll do a workout video (keep scrolling for the full list below), with each week generally scheduled the same way:

  • Thursday:‌ core workout
  • Friday:‌ full-body workout
  • Saturday:‌ rest or active recovery
  • Sunday:‌ rest or active recovery
  • Monday:‌ lower-body workout
  • Tuesday:‌ upper-body workout
  • Wednesday:‌ yoga, stretching or mobility

Each video is between 10 and 15 minutes, which is plenty of time to fit in an effective workout. But if you have some extra time and want more of a challenge, you can always run through the videos a second (or third!) time, or do them in addition to your existing workout routine.


The Challenge Calendar

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Get a printer-friendly version of the challenge calendar here.‌

How to Join the Workout Video Challenge

1. Print and/or Save Your Challenge Calendar

Keep your calendar somewhere you can see it, so you never forget what day you're on. Cross off the days as you complete the workouts, so you always know which video you have coming up the next day.


​2. Join Our Challenge Facebook Group

Our community of more than 58,000 members is here to support and motivate you through this challenge. Share your progress by posting sweaty selfies post-workout or pics of your calendar with the days crossed off or simply tell the group how the day's video went.



Even if you aren't following along with the challenge, you can still share with our Facebook group. It’s a huge, supportive community of people ready to cheer you on to meet your fitness goals!

3. Warm Up

Before each workout, make sure you warm up so you reduce your chances of getting hurt and maximize your results. If you don't already have a warm-up routine or you want to try a new one, try one of these warm-ups:


4. Do Your Daily Workout Video

Each day of the challenge you'll do the workout video listed below. Some use equipment, like dumbbells or resistance bands, but you can also do the exercises with just your body weight or alternatives for weights you may have around the house.

Week 1 (Days 1 to 7)


Week 2 (Days 8 to 14)


Week 3 (Days 15 to 21)



Week 4 (Days 22 to 31)

5. Don't Skip Rest or Active Recovery Days

Your body does a lot for you. Give it a little something back by taking advantage of the days off. Aim to do something active but low-intensity like swimming, tai chi or walking, or take some time to stretch and foam roll, making sure you focus on both your lower and upper body. And if you're really not feeling up for it, it's OK to take the entire day off, too.

Check out these other ideas for how to spend your active recovery days:​

6. Celebrate Your Success

You made it to the end of the challenge! Take some time to appreciate that accomplishment — and let us know how it went in our Challenge Facebook Group. If you want to keep

When you're ready, keep your momentum going by joining our January challenge, the 31-day 'New Year, Do You' body-weight workout challenge, or try one of our other challenges:

You can do any of our challenges on your own whenever you want, or you can visit our Challenges page to see what we have planned for the full year.



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