Build Muscle and Torch Calories With This 10-Minute Dumbbell HIIT Workout

This month-long challenge is all about sculpting and strengthening your upper body. You'll work your biceps, triceps, chest and shoulders this month. Get all the details on the challenge here.

Although you don't need to be drenched in sweat for a good workout, there's something satisfying about finishing a training session with a damp shirt. But when you're exercising at home, pushing yourself to sweat-level effort can be a challenge.

But not with this 10-minute full-body high-intensity interval training workout. This video may be short, but it's a scorcher. Even trainer Keoni Hudoba, founder of core-intensive virtual training program COREntine, isn't sweat-resistant after a few minutes of these heart-spiking moves.



Video of the Day

"Sweat is now making a waterfall down my nose — I love it," he says.

All you'll need is one heavy weight — although you may want a towel and a water bottle handy, too.


This workout is high-intensity and also high-impact. Before you begin, run through a quick dynamic warm-up to get your muscles and joints ready.

The Workout

Hudoba uses one heavy dumbbell, but choose a weight that feels comfortable to you. You should still be able to nail your form for each exercise.

Follow along with the video as closely, but pause as needed to catch your breath or take a sip of water.

  1. Plank Hop to Sumo Squat Curl:​ If the plank hop is too much, you can step your feet one at a time back to your plank and up to your squat.
  2. Reverse Lunge:​ "Put passion and an anchor in your front heel," he says.
  3. Squat to Press:​ As you lower down, tap the weight to your chest. As soon as you return to standing, squeeze your glutes and press the weight up.
  4. Shoulder Press to Walk:​ To protect your lower back, tuck your pelvis and engage your core as you press and hold the weight overhead.
  5. Snatch:​ Your snatch should feel like the weight is floating to the ceiling. If that's too challenging, pull the weight up to your chin instead, Hudoba suggests.
  6. Row to Uneven Push-Up (Right):​ For a challenge, lift your left leg as you perform your push-ups.
  7. Renegade Row to Uneven Push-Up (Right):​ Keep your hips stable and square to the floor throughout this move.
  8. Row to Uneven Push-Up (Left):​ If you need to modify, perform the push-up from your knees, Hudoba says.
  9. Renegade Row to Uneven Push-Up (Left):​ Check in with your form in this uneven plank position and make adjustments to keep your body parallel to the floor.
  10. Burpee:​ If you really want to push your limits today, try an explode burpee, jumping your legs and arms apart in your push-up.


Even if you're sweating like Hudoba, take a few minutes to cool down properly before heading to the shower to stay injury-free.

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