Conquer Leg Day in Just 10 Minutes With This Fiery, Equipment-Free Circuit

Stay active and accountable during one of the busiest times of the year with a fun, quick video workout to do every day this month. Get all the details on the challenge here.

There are few topics quite as divisive as leg day among fitness fans. While some eagerly await their squats and deadlifts each week, others have to dig deep to summon much-needed leg-day motivation.

Love it or hate it, there's one truth about leg day we can all agree on: You don't need to devote hours to the squat rack or leg press to get your lower body burning.



Video of the Day

This 10-minute lower-body circuit, led by Luke Milton, certified personal trainer and founder of the online HIIT program Training Mate, may be quick, but don't let that fool you. As Milton warns, get ready to "work those little peach emojis."

"Your legs should feel like they're going to fall off or run away from you," Milton says of this session. "But don't worry, you're so quick, you'll catch them and keep the exercise moving."

So, leg-day lovers, rejoice: This will add some challenging variety to your routine. And leg-day haters, remember: This circuit will be over before you know it.


Before you jump in, take a few extra minutes to properly warm up and activate your lower body — your legs will thank you later.

The Workout

You'll cycle twice through Milton's five-exercise circuit, performing each move for 45 seconds. Between exercises, take a few seconds to shake out your legs or grab a sip of water, he says.


"Check in with yourself: It's OK if your body is burning, it's OK if you're tired, and it's OK if this is a challenge," Milton says. "We're going to keep working with that challenge and do the best you can do."

  1. Pop Squat: As you jump, draw in the ribs and contract the core to keep your back safe.
  2. Split Lunge: If the split lunge feels too challenging, you can modify with reverse lunges. Just keep moving, Milton says.
  3. Crab Walk: Breathe deeply to fight through the burn as you maintain the rhythm of this exercise.
  4. Pulse Lunge: Stay low, bring your weight into your front leg and keep your abs tight.
  5. Bridge: Hold your bridge at the top for a three-second count to really fire up your glutes, Milton says. "Did someone start a bakery? Because there's some hot buns in here!"


Although you may want to head straight for the shower, take a few minutes to cool your body down.

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