Sculpt Your Legs and Butt With This 10-Minute At-Home Lower-Body Resistance Band Workout

Stay active and accountable during one of the busiest times of the year with a fun, quick video workout to do every day this month. Get all the details on the challenge here.

There are many reasons to love at-home workouts, but one of the biggest is the amount of control you have over every aspect of your routine. You decide how long you go, how hard you go, what equipment you use (if any), what modalities you emphasize and so much more.

Having that much control over something in life — especially these days — can feel pretty great. And if you like that feeling, prepare yourself for the at-home workout of your dreams: Steady, precise and controlled movements are the key to this glute-burning, leg-sculpting routine from Ingrid Clay, certified personal trainer and founder of ISC Wellness.



Video of the Day

Friendly for all fitness levels, this workout will challenge your lower-body strength and endurance, includes jump lunges (which guarantee you'll see some sweat) and is only 10 minutes long.

Even better, it doesn't require a bunch of equipment. This at-home lower-body workout calls for a resistance band and an exercise mat, but the band can be optional.

"If you don't have a band, that's OK," Clay says. "I do recommend one, but we are where we are. Start where you are and let's do it!"

Time to grab a towel and a bottle of water and leave any excuses behind.


If you want to reap all the booty-building benefits of this workout, run through a few glute activation drills first.

The Workout

Clay will begin by leading you through a minute-long warm-up, followed by four exercises performed on your right leg for a minute each. Then you'll take a quick break in Child's pose before repeating all four moves on your left leg. You'll wrap things up with a one-minute final challenge.


Don't be surprised if your glutes start burning just minutes in. Take breaks as needed, shake out your legs and hop right back to it.

  1. Squat to Kickback: This move will warm up your entire lower body, Clay says. Keep your torso lifted throughout the exercise.
  2. Donkey Kick: "You want to take the bottom of your foot and 'slap' the ceiling," she says.
  3. Rainbow: Reach your top leg high before crossing it over your bottom leg on each rep.
  4. Fire Hydrant: Either rest on your forearm or prop yourself up on your palm.
  5. Kickback: "Push that heel back like you're trying to push a box away," Clay says.
  6. Lunge Jump: If you're not comfortable jumping, you can modify with lunge pulses. Either way, keep your front knee behind your toes, she says.


"When you work out this hard, you gotta recover that hard," Clay says. Before you collapse onto your couch, take a few minutes to cool your body down.

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