All You Need Is a Pair of Dumbbells for This 10-Minute, Low-Impact Strength Workout

This month-long challenge is all about sculpting and strengthening your upper body. You'll work your biceps, triceps, chest and shoulders this month. Get all the details on the challenge here.

Thinking of your typical strength-training workout might bring to mind heavy squats, box jumps and pull-ups — but you don't need to beat up your body to build muscle.

This 10-minute workout is proof that a gentler approach can be just as effective. Led by Keoni Hudoba, founder of core-intensive virtual training program COREntine, this low-impact routine will leave you feeling powerful from head to toe.



Video of the Day

You'll need a medium pair of dumbbells, and you can expect "a little sweat today," Hudoba says, as he moves from one heart-spiking exercise to the next.

Grab your weights, keep a towel handy and give this strength session your best effort.


Prep your muscles with a few dynamic warm-up exercises before you get started.

The Workout

Hudoba uses a medium pair of weights for this low-impact workout. But if you don't have dumbbells available, you can use household items, like gallon water jugs, instead.

Always prioritize good form, he says. Pause the video anytime you need a breather as you make your way through the following 10 moves.

  1. Inchworm to Push-Up:​ In this opening exercise, scan your body from top to bottom to see where you may need a little bit more focus and intention, Hudoba says.
  2. Blast-Off Push-Up:​ If hovering your knees is too challenging, you can shift back into Child's pose instead.
  3. Walking Plank:​ Alternate which arm you start with on each rep.
  4. Devil Press:​ Bring your weights down to the ground as you squat before swinging your arms and pressing the dumbbells up, he says.
  5. Squat to Press:​ Use your momentum to blend the squat and press into one fluid movement. Or, to modify, drop one or both weights to the ground.
  6. Around the World Curl:​ Hudoba likes a staggered stance here to protect your lower back. Keep your pelvis tucked and core engaged.
  7. Alternating Reverse Lunge With Curl:​ Make sure your front knee is stacked over your heel in your reverse lunges.
  8. 90-Degree Step-Out:​ "This is going to be a biceps burner," Hudoba says. "If you need to reset your arms, count to eight, shake them out, come back even stronger."
  9. Triceps Kickback Calf Raise:​ As you hinge forward, lengthen your neck to ensure your spine stays in a neutral position.
  10. Triceps Push-Up to Mountain Climber:​ Finish off the workout strong with this challenging mountain climber variation.


Cool down with a few stretches like the runner's lunge and seated figure four stretch.

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