This 10-Minute, Full-Body Cardio Workout Is Low-Impact — and Will Still Get Your Heart Pumping

This month-long challenge is all about sculpting and strengthening your upper body. You'll work your biceps, triceps, chest and shoulders this month. Get all the details on the challenge here.

With all their hype online, running and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can feel like the only types of cardio exercise out there. And while they may be popular (and effective), these high-impact modalities aren't ideal — or enjoyable — for everyone.

Whether you're looking for exercise that's easy on the joints or just want to vary your cardio routine, a low-impact option may be just the right fit. In this full-body workout video, Keoni Hudoba, founder of core-intensive virtual training program COREntine, will lead you through an at-home, heart-pumping circuit that won't leave you feeling torn up.



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"Make this workout yours," Hudoba says. If some of the movements don't work for you, try one of his many suggestions for modifications. Or, if this routine feels just right, you can repeat it up to two more times.

You'll need one medium-difficulty dumbbell — but you can easily swap in a jug of water or a soup can if you don't have weights available.

Then, all that's left to do is lace up your sneakers and give this cardio workout a go.


Help prevent injuries with a few dynamic warm-up exercises before you begin.

The Workout

As you move through the following 11 exercises, pause the video as needed to take a breath, sip some water or regain your balance.

  1. Squat Knee Pull:​ If you struggle to balance on one leg, try pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth, Hudoba says. Or, imagine there's a string running through your body that's attached to the ceiling to keep you steady.
  2. Squat Quad Pull:​ "This up and down motion is already getting that heart rate up," Hudoba says. Keep breathing as you alternate sides.
  3. Squat Break Board:​ Imagine you're breaking a real board with your knee — that's the level of passion you want in this movement, he says.
  4. Heel Kick:​ Swing your arms across your body to gain momentum and speed.
  5. Reverse Lunge to Press (Right):​ "If your shoulders need a breather, you can keep the weight right at your chest and just step the right foot back," Hudoba says. Or, drop the weight completely and prioritize your form.
  6. Knee Driver (Right):​ Hinge your body forward slightly to up the intensity.
  7. Reverse Lunge Kick-Through (Right):​ If you feel unsteady, drop your weight and bring your arms to your sides.
  8. Reverse Lunge to Press (Left):​ "You can probably hear me heavy breathing, the sweat is dripping down my eyes, that's what we want," Hudoba says.
  9. Knee Driver (Left):​ Try to put as much effort into your left side as you did on your right for balanced glute strength.
  10. Reverse Lunge Kick-Through (Left):​ Power through your right leg as you kick with the left.
  11. Squat Press to Calf Raise​: "Think of a long line through your body," Hudoba says, staying tall as you rise up.


Take a few minutes to cool down with stretches like side lunges and cat-cow. If you're really short on time, you can do this post-workout routine right in the shower.

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