List of Exercises for the Plyometrics P90X

Challenge your cardio and jumping ability with the P90X plyo workout.
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P90X is a comprehensive workout DVD series with 12 different workouts. They're all designed to hit different body parts and aspects of fitness. Plyometrics is one of the most difficult workouts and involves a lot of jumping and bodyweight movements.


Plyometrics Overview

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P90X plyometrics is a lower body workout with five groups of exercises and one bonus round. You start with a warm-up that has a few basic exercises, like jumping jacks, that get your body ready for the workout.

Video of the Day

After the warm-up, the host, Tony Horton, brings you right into the workout. There are five groups of exercises in the workout and one bonus group after that. Each of these five exercise groups consists of four moves; there are three exercises in the bonus round.

For each group, you go through the four exercises in order. Once you've done all of the exercises in the group you repeat them for a second round in the same order.


After each group, you can towel off and grab water before moving on to the next group. The workout is intense, so take advantage of these rest periods.

When the workout is done there's a quick cool-down portion, which helps your body settle and switch into recovery mode.

Group One:

The first group uses simple movements to get you into the workout.


1. Jump Squat

Squat down and jump as high as you can. Descend into a squat as you land and jump up again. Try to keep a continuous rhythm of jumping and landing until time is up.

2. Run-Stance Squat

Stand in a staggered stand like you're about to run a race. Squat down and stand up four times, then switch sides.


3. Airborne Heisman

Jump to the side and plant your outside foot. Keep your inside foot up and strike the pose that's used in the Heisman trophy. Then, jump to the other side and repeat the pose.

4. Swing Kick

Set a stool or chair in front of you. Stand slightly to the right and a few feet away from the object. Lift your left leg up, keeping your knee straight, and swing it over the object. Plant a few inches to the left.



Then, pick your right leg up and swing it over, planting it next to your left foot. Then, lead with your right foot to go back. Alternate between the left and right side until time is up.

Group Two:

This group builds on the exercises from group one, advancing them slightly.


1. Squat Reach Jump

Stand in a staggered stance. Squat down and touch the floor in front of your lead foot. Then jump, turn to the other side, squat down and touch the floor in front of you.

2. Run-Stance Squat Switch Pick-Up

Similar to the run-stance squats in the previous group, you stagger your feet and squat down. Then, you jump and switch lead and rear legs.


3. Double Airborne Heisman

This is similar to the airborne Heisman in the previous group, but now you're doing two leaps to each side instead of one.

4. Circle Run

Put something on the floor, like a water bottle or towel, and run in a circle around it for 30 seconds. Then, run in the opposite direction for 30 seconds. Face forward the entire time.

Group Three:

As you get more tired, be sure to listen to the form cues that Tony gives you.

1. Jump Knee Tuck

Jump and bring your knees up towards your chest while in mid-air. When you land, drop down immediately into a squat and then jump again. Keep a continuous jumping and landing rhythm throughout the exercise.


2. Mary Katherine Lunges

Get into a lunge position and drop your back knee down until it almost hits the floor. Then, jump up and switch legs. When you land, drop down into a lunge position before jumping up to switch legs again. Keep your arms up the entire time.

3. Leapfrog Squats

Get down into a squat position and hop forward twice while staying in a squat position. Then, hop backwards twice without standing all the way up.

4. Twist Combo

Stand on your tip-toes, then hop and twist your hips to the left so that your feet land pointing to the left. Then, hop and twist your hips to the right.

There are a lot of high-impact and athletic exercises in the P90X Plyometrics workout.
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Group Four:

If you're having trouble catching your breath, pause the video for a minute before starting group four.

1. Rock Star Hop

Stand facing to the side and jump up, bringing your knees up and kicking your feet up towards your butt. As you jump up, make a circle in the air with your lead arm.

2. Gap Jump

Jump forward off of your left foot as far as you can, like you're trying to cross an imaginary river. Then, turn around and jump back off of your right foot.


3. Squat Jack

Perform a jumping jack but instead of landing with your legs straight, land and squat down as you bring your arms down.

4. Military March

Standing in place, raise your leg as high as you can and reach the opposite arm into the air, then switch sides.

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Group Five:

This is the last group of exercises before the optional bonus round.

1. Run Squat 180 Jump Switch

Stand in a runner's stance, like you're about to run a race. Jump up and twist 180 degrees to the right before you land, then jump and twist 180 to the left.

2. Lateral Leapfrog Squat

Squat down into a low squat position. Jump side-to-side, staying low.

3. Monster Truck Tires

Hop forward and to the right at a 45-degree angle, landing on your right foot. Then, hop forward and to the left at a 45-degree angle. Repeat two more times, then jump backwards in the same pattern four times.

4. Hot Foot

Stand on one foot and jump forwards, back, left and right for the amount of time indicated in the video. Then, switch sides.


The focus for the bonus round is on athletic movements from baseball, basketball and football.

Pitch and Catch

Perform an exaggerated baseball pitching motion using your dominant and then your non-dominant arm.

Jump Shot

For this exercise, simply pretend to catch and shoot a basketball, jumping up with each imaginary shot.

Football Hero

Leap forward and to the side at a 45-degree angle. Then, leap forward and to the side in the opposite direction. Repeat two more times, then backpedal straight back for six steps.



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