Atkins Diet Induction Menu Plan

Atkins diet eliminates carbs.
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The first phase of the Atkins diet, aptly named the induction phase, is more restrictive than later phases and is designed to jump-start your weight loss. You are limited to 20 grams of net carbohydrates each day, which refers to the amount of carbs in a food item minus the fiber content. Aim to get 12 grams to 15 grams of your daily carb allotment from vegetables.

Introduction to Induction

Green salad.
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The goal of the induction phase is to focus on getting the majority of your carbohydrates from leafy greens and other high-fiber, nonstarchy vegetables. You'll eat lean meat, fish and poultry, also. You can choose from three regular-sized meals or opt for four to five small meals. The induction phase allows you to have up to 4 ounces of cheese as well as healthy fats such as olive oil, walnut, sesame and safflower oils. Acceptable sweeteners include sucralose, saccharine and stevia, but limit yourself to no more than three packets daily.

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