How to Stop an Elliptical From Squeaking

Squeaky ellipticals distract from your workout.

Regular maintenance of your elliptical is necessary to extend the life of your machine and allow it to continue to function properly. Keep the machine clean and free of any debris by vacuuming around the moving parts and wiping the machine down with a clean cotton cloth. Regularly inspect your machine for any loose connections and tighten them. Creating a consistent lubrication routine on the moving parts of the elliptical can stop it from squeaking.


Step 1

Check the floor where your elliptical sits to verify the floor is level. An uneven floor could create unnecessary stress on the moving parts of the elliptical, creating a squeak.

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Step 2

Spray an aerosol multi-purpose lubricant onto the bolts that connect the handlebars to the lower arms. The lower arms support the footpads or pedals on the elliptical.

Step 3

Spray the lubricant onto the bolts connecting the roller arms to the mainframe crank. The roller arms glide along the roller ramps and the crank provides resistance to the roller arms.

Step 4

Apply marine grease around the rollers on the roller arms beneath the pedals. Operate the elliptical to spread the grease onto the roller ramps. Wipe away any excess grease from the rollers and the ramps. Marine grease is designed to lubricate open gears and can last longer to allow more time between lubrication.

Things You'll Need

  • Level

  • Aerosol multi-purpose lubricant

  • Marine grease

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