Exercise Equipment

Trying a new pose during yoga class
Closeup of a woman’s arm with sports watch.
things inside a gym bag: shoes, weights, water bottle, towel, headphones
Determined to achieve my fitness goals!
These 10 health and fitness gadgets can help you get in gear in the new year.
Woman practicing yoga at her house
Fit blonde kneeling on floor using foam roller
Weight training in the gym, using a leg press
Man helps laughing woman with ring training with complicity
Fit woman working out on the cross trainer
African American woman with arms raised
Astronaut Jeffrey S. Ashby runs on a treadmill as part of a test with the Treadmill Vibration Isolation System
Woman in exercise clothes, pushing three-wheeled baby carriage
Man working out with resistance band
Man in gym on machine exercising
Woman weightlifting
Array of dumbbells