9 Gifts the Health-Conscious People in Your Life Don’t Realize They Need (but Definitely Do)

At-home fitness equipment makes a great holiday gift for the people on your list who love working out.
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The first gifts that come to mind when you're shopping for a health-conscious person are the usual suspects: yoga mats, leggings, water bottles. But if physical fitness is their thing, odds are they probably already own it all.


So how are you supposed to find them the perfect gift? By getting creative and hooking them up with wellbeing tools they haven't already thought of themselves. To help you out, we curated this collection of unique gift ideas that will help support their healthy lifestyle (like Withings high-tech health devices) just in time to snag them on sale for Black Friday.

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1. Withings ScanWatch Hybrid Smartwatch

Image Credit: Withings

The health-conscious people in your life will love the ScanWatch Hybrid Smartwatch. It not only tracks heart rate, sleep cycles, steps and workouts, it also uses a clinically validated SpO2 sensor featuring multi-wavelength technology so you can record blood oxygen levels from your wrist in just 30 seconds.


Additionally, ScanWatch has been clinically validated to detect atrial fibrillation or normal heart rhythm in just 30 seconds by ECG, and you can share this data with your doctor for free directly through the Withings app. All that advanced technology is nestled into an attractive hybrid smartwatch with a sapphire glass screen, a 30-day battery life and water resistance up to 50 meters that will help you and your loved ones take your healthy routines to a whole new level.

Get Yours:Amazon.com; ​Size 38mm Price:​ $279.95; ​Size 42mm Price: ​$299.95

2. Levoit Core 300 Air Purifier

Image Credit: Levoit

Breathing clean air might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about supporting healthy living, but it can play a large role: Air pollution may be responsible for more than 30,000 deaths each year, according to a July 2019 study in PLOS Medicine. While this air purifier won't help with pollution on a global scale, it can help your loved one rest easier knowing the air in their home is a little bit cleaner.



Buy it:Levoit.com; ​Price: ​$100

3. Exerpeutic Workfit 1000 Exercise Bike

Image Credit: Exerpeutic

On the days they don't have time to squeeze in a workout, this stationary bike with a desktop surface can help them fit in exercise while they're checking off the rest of their to-do list.


Buy it:Target.com; ​Price:​ $226

4. Withings BPM Connect Wi-Fi Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

Image Credit: Withings

A blood pressure monitor might not seem like the snazziest holiday gift, but hear us out: This one was designed in France with soft fabric and a sleek aesthetic that makes it very giftable, and that's before you even account for the high-tech features.


BPM Connect (which was developed with cardiologists to ensure accuracy and is FDA-cleared) tracks systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate, and it syncs data instantly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to the free Withings app so users can track their blood pressure trends over time. Users can also share their data directly with their doctor through a free Health Report available directly within the app. Grab one this Black Friday, and you'll get 30 percent off through November 29.

Buy it:Amazon.com; ​Sale price:​ $69.95

5. Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzles

Image Credit: Allbirds

They might already have go-to running shoes, but do they have dedicated walking shoes? This pair is made with water-repellant merino wool for a weather-proof way to support healthy feet.



Buy it:Allbirds.com; ​Price:​ $115

6. Dodow, $60

Image Credit: Dodow

A good night's rest is a key element of any healthy-living routine, and this device will help them make better sleep happen by using rhythmic light to help them quiet their mind and slow their heart rate until they naturally nod off.


Buy it:Mydodow.com; ​Price:​ $60

7. Withings Body+ Body Composition Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Image Credit: Withings

Upgrade their standard digital scale with a smart scale that measures more than just weight and BMI. Using bioelectrical impedance technology, the Withings Body+ Smart Scale provides a full body composition analysis, which includes total body fat, muscle mass, bone mass and total body water.


All data syncs instantly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to the free Withings app where users can set goals and track their body composition trends over time. Plus, Body+ is compatible with over 100 different health and fitness apps, so users can send data to their favorite apps like Apple Health and MyFitnessPal to make tracking their health data even more seamless. Bonus: You can get it for 30 percent off for Black Friday (discount valid through November 29).

Buy it:Amazon.com; ​Sale price:​ $69.95

8. Buydeem Tea Maker K2423

Image Credit: Buydeem

To fully tap into the benefits of herbal teas, boiling them at the correct temperature makes a difference. This electric kettle comes with temperature settings specifically designed for four different types of tea, to turn tea time into a wellbeing-promoting experience.

Buy it:Buydeemglobal.com; ​Price:​ $110

9. Waatr CrazyCap 2

Image Credit: Waatr

A water bottle might seem like a standard gift for a health-conscious person, but this is no standard water bottle. This one uses UV light rays to kill 99.9996% of microbes and pathogens found in water while also self-cleaning the bottle itself. Plus, it keeps liquids cool for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours, making it the ideal companion for anyone who enjoys hiking or who is always on the go.

Buy it:waatr.com; ​Price: ​$75



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