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GYMENIST Ankle Weights
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Fragraim Adjustable Ankle Weights
TheraBand Ankle Weights
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Equipt Movement Unwrap
The best ankle weights come in a variety of weights, shapes and materials.
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Wearable ankle weights might just be the sneakiest way to up the challenge on your body-weight exercises. And they're incredibly effective.


Slip them around your ankles, and you immediately add resistance to donkey kicks, reverse clamshells and body-weight hamstring curls. And with more resistance, you can build more muscle and strength in your glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves, says Jessica Mazzucco, CPT, a certified personal trainer in New York City.

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And perhaps best of all, they don't require you to hold onto them or fiddle with weights or resistance bands. That's huge for anyone who doesn't have a lot of equipment, has a hard time working with weights or bands or prefers to take a hands-free approach to their workouts.

The Best Ankle Weights

How We Chose

For the ultimate ankle-weight workout burn, you need the best pair for your body and needs. We talked to trainers and physical therapists to pick out the best ankle weights you can buy, as well as what to look for. We chose our top picks based on their recommendations and criteria, including:

  • Price
  • Material
  • Size
  • Secure fit
  • Adjustability


1. Gymenist Ankle and Wrist Weights

Best Overall

Gymenist Ankle and Wrist Weights

These top-rated ankle weights are soft, adjustable and machine-washable, making them a great pick.

  • Weight adjustable: ‌yes
  • Material: ‌neoprene
  • Weights: ‌0.55 to 4 lbs. (each)

These highly-rated weights feature five pockets where you can add or remove sandbags to easily fine-tune the weight. The set of two tops out at a total of 8 pounds (4 pounds each), "so they're a great option for all strength levels," Mazzucco says.

Plus, it's a cinch to adjust the tightness around your ankles, which helps ensure a comfortable fit, she adds. These are also machine washable once you remove the sandbags (hot yoga anyone?). While these aren't the cheapest wraps on our list, they're far from pricey, making these wearable weights a great pick overall.


2. BalanceFrom Fully Adjustable Weights

Best Budget

BalanceFrom Fully Adjustable Weights

Not looking to spend a lot of money? These simple, soft weights start as low as $14 for a pair.

  • Weight adjustable: ‌no
  • Material: ‌neoprene
  • Weights: ‌1 to 10 lbs. (each)

This set offers quality ‌and‌ a budget-friendly price tag. "With an oversized Velcro pad, the weights are very easy to put on and take off, and this product has a breathable, soft material," Mazzucco says.

While you can't adjust the weight of these ankle cuffs, they're priced low enough that you can invest in a second set if needed. Choose between nine weight options, from 1 to 10 pounds (per wrap).



3. Gaiam Restore

Best Non-Slip

Gaiam Restore Ankle Weights

On the heavier side (these only come in a 5- or 10-pound set), Gaiam's ankle weights are designed to minimize slippage, maximizing comfort and efficiency.

  • Weight adjustable: ‌no
  • Material: ‌neoprene, polyester and mesh shell
  • Weights: ‌5 to 10 lbs. (each)

The best ankle weights offer a secure fit, so they don't slide up or down your ankles, says Karena Wu, DPT, a board-certified orthopedic specialist at ActiveCare Physical Therapy in New York City. Slippage can cause the wraps to rub against your skin, causing irritation.

Here's a set that won't budge. It features a hearty Velcro closure and comfortable, form-fitting design to ensure zero slippage during your workout. Score these weights in a 5- or 10-pound set.


4. Pinc Active Adjustable Weight

Best for Beginners

Pinc Active Adjustable Ankle Weights

Just starting out with ankle weights? These are low-weight, adjustable and have soft padding.

  • Weight adjustable: ‌yes
  • Material: ‌neoprene
  • Weights: ‌1 to 5 lbs. (each)

Beginners should opt for a set that allows you to adjust the weight, Wu says. This way, you can easily change the resistance as needed, so you don't injure yourself while learning exercises, she says.

These adjustable ankle weights are a great option for anyone new to cuffs or resistance exercise. You can adjust the weight from 1 to 5 pounds (per wrap) by using the removable weight bags. Plus, they feature extra padding for maximum comfort, as well as a secure fit.


5. Bala Bangles

Most Stylish

Bala Bangles

No fabric and lots of modern colors make Bala Bangles the ankle weights of choice for those who want their ankle weights to look and feel good.

  • Weight adjustable: ‌no
  • Material: ‌recycled stainless steel wrapped in silicone
  • Weights:‌ 1 to 2 lbs. (each)

The trouble with many ankle weights is that they ‌look‌ like ankle weights. And that usually means they're not so stylish.

That's not the case with the ever-popular Bala ankle weights (aka bangles). They're made of super-soft silicone and offer a more low-profile fit than many competitors. Plus, they're available in a variety of both subtle and bold colors, including charcoal and bright orange.


These weights also have a hidden elastic band and Velcro strap you can use to adjust your fit. Choose between 1- and 2-pound bangles (total of 2 or 4 pounds per pair).


6. Fragraim 10-Pound Adjustable

Best for All Levels

Fragriam Adjustable Ankle Weights

You can adjust the weight and size in these ankle weights up to 10 pounds, making them a great choice for all types of workouts,

  • Weight adjustable: ‌yes
  • Material: ‌neoprene
  • Weights: ‌1.5 to 10 lbs. (each)

If you plan on using your cuffs for a variety of exercises, you may need a pair with a wide range of resistance levels. This pair offers exactly that. By adding or removing sandbags, you can customize the resistance of each wrap up to 10 pounds.

These cuffs are available in a few different colors. They also feature adjustable Velcro straps and a breathable, moisture-absorbing fabric interior.

7. TheraBand Ankle Weights

Best for Comfort

TheraBand Ankle Weights

A terrycloth liner makes these weights, in 1-, 1.5- and 2-pound options, the most comfortable on our list.

  • Weight adjustable: ‌no
  • Material: ‌neoprene exterior, non-abrasive terry cloth interior
  • Weights: ‌1 to 2.5 lbs. (each)

This pair was built for comfort. These wraps feature a smooth neoprene exterior and a soft, non-abrasive terry cloth interior to absorb sweat. Use the long, durable Velcro strap and adjustable buckle to keep the wrap's ankle-hugging design in place during movement.

Bonus: These low-profile wraps hide well under clothing.

8. Sportneer Adjustable Weights

Best for All Sizes

Sportneer Adjustable Weights

Need an ankle weight with more circumference? The strap on these goes up to 14.4 inches.

  • Weight adjustable: ‌yes
  • Material: ‌neoprene
  • Weights:‌ 1 to 2 lbs. (each)

If you're worried an ankle wrap won't fit, go for a set with an extra-long strap, like this pair. These weights feature easy-to-adjust Velcro straps, "and the strap extends to 14.4 inches, so it provides a fit for ankles of all sizes," Mazzucco says.

These wraps are available in adjustable pairs that go up to 4 pounds. You can add or remove weight for 1 to 2 pounds per side. Plus, you can choose from eight different colors, including purple, pink, orange, blue and black.

9. The Cuff Original Adjustable Ankle Weight

Best for Cleaning

The Cuff Original Adjustable Ankle Weight

Vinyl is an easy-to-clean material (just wipe and go), and these go from as light as 0.25 pounds up to 25 pounds each.

  • Weight adjustable: ‌no
  • Material: ‌vinyl
  • Weights: ‌0.25 to 25 lbs (each)

Wu favors these straps for their easy-to-clean vinyl material. Each weight also features a grommet, so you can hang them up when not in use.

Thanks to a long closure strap, these cuffs easily adjust to fit most users. Cinch them with the durable hook-and-loop fasteners, and they'll stay put for the duration of your workout.


These wraps are also available in a huge weight range, from 0.25 pounds to 25 pounds each. You could also order them as a set, though that gets pricey.

10. Equipt Uwraps

Best Splurge

Equipt Uwraps

Ready to upgrade your ankle weights? These vegan leather weights from Equipt are waterproof, soft and seriously good-looking,

  • Weight adjustable: ‌no
  • Material: ‌vegan leather, metal weights
  • Weights: ‌1.5 to 3 lbs. (each)

These vegan leather wearable weights are a bit pricey, but they add a touch of chic luxury to your workouts. Each waterproof wrap is weighted with either 1.5 or 3 pounds of small metal balls to challenge your muscles. Meanwhile, neoprene padding and a hook-and-loop closure ensures a comfortable, secure fit.

These are a favorite among Pilates practitioners who want to a add a little more challenge to their Pilates workouts, and the fully covered velcro ensures they won't snag on leggings.


Weighted ankle cuffs are great for lower-body exercises, but they aren't ideal for cardio.

“If you wear ankle weights when walking, running or doing other cardio-centric activities, they can interfere with your mechanics, throw off your gait and potentially cause injury in your knee, ankle, hips or back,” Mazzucco says.

3 Things to Look for When Buying Ankle Weights

1. Weight

How heavy should ankle weights be? Figuring out the right weight should be your first order of business.

"Start with a low weight — anywhere from 1 to 2 pounds on each ankle," Mazzucco says. Because you're bound to get stronger over time, the best ankle weights tend to be adjustable. This way, you can increase weight within seconds.

However, if you can't find ones you like, buy your weights in 1-pound increments. Even small increases in weight can mean more work. If you jump up in weight too dramatically, your form will likely suffer, Wu says.

2. Material

Ankle wraps stay in close contact with your skin throughout your workout, so it's important to find a pair constructed with comfy material.

Mazzucco recommends weights that are covered in a non-irritating, breathable material, such as neoprene. If you prefer a softer pair, terry cloth can be a great option. And if you care most about keeping the weights clean, look for vinyl or silicone.

3. Secure Closure

A secure fit is important so your weights don't slip up or down your legs while exercising, Wu says. Because when the weights slip, they can chafe your skin. The best ankle-weight wraps also fasten tight, so they don't fly off mid-exercise.

To ensure your wraps stay put, look for ones with long straps and strong closures. This way, you can adjust the tightness of the weight to fit your ankle. Velcro, hook-and-loop, O-rings, D-rings and buckle closures are all great options.

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