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Lower Body Exercises

Want a Better Butt? 7 Tips You Need to Know

Brett Contreras, Ph.D.—a.k.a. "The Glute Guy"—shares his top tips for sculpting a strong and shapely butt....

Resistance Band Glute Exercises

Your gluteal muscles are made of three components: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus--the largest of which i...

Butt & Thigh Exercises With Bands

Get a great workout for your glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps with just a few types of resistance bands. ...

How to Treat Imbalance in Hip Flexor Muscles

The job of the hip flexor, or iliopsoas muscle, is to bend the hip toward the thigh, lift the thigh toward the hip and assist in e...

Exercises That Help You Get a Bigger Butt & Hips

If you find yourself including exercise in your workout routine to get your butt and hips looking like you want, you’re not ...

Men's Hip Exercises

Your hips are one of the most important joints on your body because you use them so frequently. They must function properly for yo...

Hip Rotator Muscle Exercises

The rotator muscles of the hip joint reinforce and stabilize the deep ball and socket design of the hip. It is important to inclu...

Butt Blaster Exercises

In order to tone your tush, sculpt your derriere, or "blast" your butt, you must target your gluteal muscles with a vari...

Gluteus Medius Hip Exercises

Your gluteus medius, one of three gluteal muscles, is a broad, thick band of muscle located on the outside of your hip. It is the...

The Best Exercises to Build a Sexy Butt Fast

If only attaining a sexy butt was a quick endeavor -- dedication to a healthy diet, cardio and regular strength training are thre...
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