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Investing in high-quality headphones can transform your runs.
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When you're racking up miles, some motivating sounds can go a long way in ensuring an epic run. But to get the most out of any podcast, playlist or audiobook, you need the best running headphones to withstand sweat and tough weather while delivering a quality soundtrack.


"There are options from wired pairs to over-the-head options and wireless earbuds, too," says Meghan Hayden, CPT, a certified personal trainer in New York City, tells "You need a pair that won't absorb sweat, can withstand sweat — and water if you're running in the rain — and ones that can hold a charge for the entirety of your workout."

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The Best Running Headphones

How We Chose

We chatted with Hayden and other personal trainers, who offered product recommendations and helped us break down what to look for in the best running headphones. We selected our products based on their criteria, including:

  • Secure fit
  • Charge length
  • Sweat-proof
  • Features
  • Price
  • User reviews

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1. Best Wireless: Bose Sport Earbuds

"I love these because they sound great," says Kelvin Gary, CPT, CEO and head coach at Body Space Fitness in New York City. "They also stay put in my ears." Sweat- and water-resistant, these earbuds have tips that help them lock into your ears without any wires. They stay put no matter how intense your workouts get.


Each charge holds up to five hours of playing time, and the case — when fully charged — can provide two additional hours.

Buy; ‌Price: ‌$129

2. Best Noise-Canceling: Apple Airpods Pro

The noise-canceling feature on these earbuds is top notch, thanks to Apple's use of outward- and inward-facing microphones that isolate sound. They also come with three sizes of silicone tips, which have an internal taper that conforms to the shape of your ear.



"These buds have a 'barely there' feel, and I can answer calls in a breeze if someone happens to call me while I'm out on a run," Hayden says. Plus, with these earbuds, you can dictate messages and have Siri read them through your AirPods — without interrupting your run.

Buy; ‌Price:‌ $209.99

3. Best Budget: Back Bay Duet 50 Pro Earbuds

For less than $60, these earbuds hold up to eight hours of battery life, and the charging case can supply an additional 122 hours (yup, you read that right). Like other running headphones on this list, these sweat-proof and water-resistant buds allow you to pause, play and skip songs and take calls.


"These buds have 130 hours of battery life, which is way more than most wireless earbuds," Hayden says. "Not only that, but the carrying case can also charge your phone, and I haven't seen a headphone case do that, so it's a really convenient added function."

Buy; ‌Price: ‌$54.99

4. Best for Intense Workouts: Skullcandy Push Ultra True Wireless Earbuds

Made for your sweatiest, most adventurous runs, these running headphones have moldable hooks that wrap around your ears to help keep them in place. They can get wet, sweaty and muddy and still work well under challenging conditions.



In fact, they have three listening modes for music, movies and podcasts, all of which allow you to hear your surroundings so you stay safe on your outdoor runs.

"I like that the buds have six hours of playtime and then you can pop them in the case and it recharges them extremely quickly," says Noam Tamir, CSCS, owner and head trainer of TS Fitness in New York City.


Buy; ‌Price: ‌$79.99

5. Best Wrap-Around: Powerbeats3 Wireless Headphones

For those who feel more comfortable running with a wire, these headphones hook around each ear and are connected with a small wire that wraps around the back of your neck.


"These headphones have great sound quality, the design and style are cool, and the ear-hook style is comfortable and secure," says Shayra Brown, CPT, a personal trainer at Blink Fitness in New York City. "When not in use, the pair sits comfortably around my neck and hooks together in front, so I'm never worried about them falling off and losing them."

The charge on these headphones lasts up to 12 hours, and when it runs out, five quick minutes of charging will give you an hour of playtime.

Buy; ‌Price:‌ $114.97

6. Best On-Ear: Adidas RPT-01 On-Ear Wireless Headphones

The durable fabric that encases the headband on these headphones offers extra grip against your head, so they won't slip off as easily as other over-the-ear options. The best part is that the fabric is also removable for an easy wash.


Sweat- and waterproof, these headphones sit comfortably on your head while you pound pavement — and can even keep your ears warm during cold-weather runs.

Enjoy up to 40 hours of playtime and set up your own commands with the control knob and action button. "I like that you can program shortcuts into the headphones to make it easier to control the use of them while you're running or working out," Tamir says.

Buy; ‌Price:‌ $169.99

7. Best With Heart Rate Monitor: Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Earbuds

Earbuds that track your effort levels — found! These buds have a built-in heart rate monitor, allowing you to track your RPE (rate of perceived exertion), aka how hard you're working out. They also have movement sensors that allow you to monitor your running pace and reps.

"Receiving HR data intra-workout is a great tool if you like to train based on HR zones," Hayden says. "The buds are waterproof, too, which is always good for those rainy-day runs."

Among the best wireless running headphones, these earbuds hold 13.5 hours of battery, and they're compatible with iOS and Android devices. You can also accept calls on them while you're logging miles.

Buy; ‌Price:‌ $79.99

8. Best Bone-Conduction: Shokz OpenRun Headphones

These best wireless running headphones don't go in or around your ear, but rather sit on the bone directly in front of your eardrum. Through bone-conduction technology, these headphones deliver sound through your cheekbones, keeping your ears open to other sounds on the road.


"No matter how sweaty you get, these headphones manage to stay in place," Tamir says. "And they're waterproof, too, so you won't have to worry about them getting damaged by sweat or rain."

Use the control buttons on the headphones to turn up the volume or skip tracks for eight whole hours of listening.

Buy; ‌Price:‌ $129.95

9. Best TalkThru: Under Armour True Wireless Flash X Earbuds

Among the best headphones for running, these earbuds come with two different listening modes: TalkThru and AmbientAware. TalkThru allows you to chat with a running buddy or hear your surroundings while listening to music. And AmbientAware amplifies the sound so you can immerse yourself in your playlist.

The sport-tip buds lock into place in your ears, so you have an extra-secure fit as you sprint down the streets.

"These buds are waterproof and small, so they don't get in the way when you're running," Tamir says. "Plus, the case is extremely durable — I can toss it into my bag and I don't have to worry about it getting damaged, which is a relief."

Buy; ‌Price: ‌$74.95

10. Best for Trail Running: Jaybird Sport Vista Earbuds

Take these nature-proof earbuds for a run through rain, snow, mud or a desert sandstorm, and you'll be surprised by how shock absorbent they are.

Tested by athletes performing in treacherous weather conditions, these headphones hold up to 32 hours of charge and provide great sound quality, taking you from zero to beast mode on the trails.

"Their protection from the elements, secure sport fit and sound quality make these headphones the answer for adventures in the great outdoors," Hayden says.

Buy; ‌Price:‌ $126.09

11. Best Voice Assistant: Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

All about that bass? Then you'll thoroughly enjoy the sound coming from the 12mm speaker in these stylish and sleek earbuds. In addition to powering your buds, the case can charge your phone.

"I like that you can use the built-in voice assistant while you're working out to send a quick text or set a reminder," Tamir says. You can also turn on or off ambient sound, so you can be more aware of your surroundings when running outside or shut out all distractions if you're on a treadmill.

Buy; ‌Price:‌ $79.99

12. Best Secure Fit: Plantronics Backbeat Fit 3100 True Wireless Earbuds

Not only do these earbuds have plastic tips to keep them in place, but they also have around-the-ear hooks, so once you have them on, you really don't have to worry about them falling out.

"I really like how secure they are and that you don't have to worry about losing one while you take off a layer on your run," Tamir says. They're extremely durable, sweat-proof and waterproof. They hold five hours of charge, and their soft case can provide an additional 10.

Buy; ‌Price:‌ $99.94

13. Best Splurge: Bose Noise-Canceling Over-the-Ear Headphones

These over-the-ear headphones are pricey, but they deliver unmatched acoustics, so you can really get in the zone. Their patented noise-canceling technology keeps ambient noise out. And there are 11 levels of sound control, ranging from full noise canceling to full transparency.

"The size of these is nice, because you won't accidentally misplace them, as you do with some small individual earbuds," Tamir says. "And they sound awesome."

Buy; ‌Price:‌ $379

How to Shop for the Best Running Headphones

You have a lot of features to consider when shopping for the best headphones for running. For example, do you prefer wireless earbuds or an over-the-ear design? Do you want headphones that allow you send and read messages? Prefer a noise-canceling pair or ones that tune out all outside sound? Think these things through before picking your ultimate pair.

1. Structure

You can opt for over-the-ear headphones that connect the right and left speakers with some sort of headband, or you can go totally wireless with earbuds. For some people, over-the-head options aren't as secure, while others find that earbuds just won't stay put in their ears.

"Whatever option you choose, it's important to be sure they provide a secure fit over or in the ears for running," Brown says. You also want to consider whether they're shock-absorbent and water-resistant if you frequently go on outdoor runs that might make them more vulnerable to weather.

2. Sound Quality

For some people, sound quality is at the top of their list. They don't want to just listen to music; they want to hear and feel the vibration, too. But if you want to hear your jams at their best, you will probably need to pay for it. The more expensive headphones tend to offer the best sound quality. However, you can find exceptions.

3. Bluetooth Connectivity

Wireless headphones are the popular choice nowadays, but remember that these tools connect to your phone or music device via Bluetooth. The best Bluetooth headphones for running come from established tech brands, such as Bose, Samsung and Jaybird.

If your headphones aren't great quality and don't provide a good connection, your music may cut in and out, which can be extremely distracting on runs, Brown says.

4. Battery Life

If you're a marathon runner and frequently go for long runs that last hours, you need a pair of running headphones or earbuds that can last as long as your legs do. You don't want to lose that pump-up mix in the final miles when you need the boost the most, Tamir says.

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