Is Bullworker Exercise Effective?

Try a Bullworker if you want an all-in-one exercise tool. It is a compact, spring-loaded brand of workout gear whose manufacturer claims to be suited to more than 80 exercises. Exercise physiologists state that any strenuous, regular exercise is always effective, no matter which device you use. Construction and durability can also determine the effectiveness of devices. Bullworker's continued sales since its 1953 invention in Germany is consistent with consumer satisfaction.

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Bullworker claims that isometric exercises are the quickest way to build up your muscles and strength. The company describes a series of 10-second exercises to sculpt and transform your figure in a few weeks. Isometric exercises build muscles by using muscular contractions against a fixed resistance which allows no movement. In isometrics, your muscles contract but their length does not change. Bullworker allows you to compress the built-in springs by pressing from both ends then holding still at that level of compression for a number of seconds. Isometric exercises are generally recognized as effective if done for at least 30 minutes at least five days every week, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services "Exercise and Physical Fitness Guidelines."


Isotonic exercises are said by Bullworker to form the foundation for endurance and muscular definition, creating the visual results that make people notice. In isotonic exercises, you contract opposing muscles to produce a controlled movement. In this case, you maintain a constant tension while the length of your muscles changes. The best known example of isotonic exercise, classically accepted as effective, is free-weight lifting. The Bullworker allows continuous muscle length changes if you compress and relax the springs with pushing or cable-pulling motions.


Bullworker's combination of isometric and isotonic exercises is said to combine Pilates-like stretching with muscle building. Iso-motion exercise is a term coined by Bullworker. It refers to the combination of isometric and isotonic actions that many of its exercise programs call for. For instance, when performing abdominal crunches you kneel, compress the Bullworker by a given amount between your chest and the floor, creating an isotonic motion, then hold that position for a time in isometric tension. This effectively combines motion and strength exercises.

Men's And Women's Exercises

Men and women may differ in the muscle groups they want to sculpt or strengthen. Bullworker claims to allow you to select exercises for each major muscle group to achieve powerful, lasting results. Bullworker provides full-color, detailed charts demonstrating 80 different exercises and the muscles they target. Exercise specialists report that if you regularly do such exercises, whether with a Bullworker or other workout tools, you can expect them to be effective.


Consumer reviews, as recorded on Amazon, for instance, uniformly rate the Bullworker high for durability. The manufacturer lists all-steel construction, powdered and chrome steel for durability, high-tensile-strength, encased steel cables and contoured hand grips. The "Powermeter" is engraved for durability, not painted on, and there are adjustable cable grips and a zippered case with a pocket for spring storage.

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