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Get help recovering from your workout with a massage gun.
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Massage guns have quickly become one of the most popular tools for pre-workout warmups, post-workout cooldowns and recovery sessions.


"Massage guns are an excellent portable recovery tool and put the benefits of a massage right at your fingertips," says Ryan Waldman, DPT, a physical therapist at the James J. Peters VA Medical Center in New York City.

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Video of the Day

Many people find them to be especially helpful at easing delayed onset muscle soreness, that ache you get one to two days after a new or hard workout.

Our Picks

  1. Theragun Mini: ‌$199, Therabody
  2. Hypervolt 2 Pro: ‌$329, Hyperice
  3. TimTam Power Massager Pro: ‌$435, Walmart
  4. Sonic LX Percussion Massage Gun: ‌$139.99, Amazon
  5. Legiral LE3: ‌$79.99, Legiral
  6. Theragun Elite: ‌$399, Therabody
  7. Vybe Percussion Massage Gun Pro: ‌$150.47, Amazon
  8. Sportneer Deep Tissue Muscle Percussion Massage Gun: ‌$39.59, Amazon
  9. Hypervolt Go 2: ‌$129, Best Buy
  10. TaoTronics Professional Deep Tissue Muscle Massager Gun: ‌$59.99, TaoTronics
  11. TOLOCO Massage Gun: ‌$39.99, Amazon

How We Chose

With all of the buzz around percussion therapy, there are a lot of options on the market. And they can get pricey.

So, to make sure you get what you need, we tested out the most popular massagers and got expert input on what to look for when shopping. We chose our top picks based on:


  • Price
  • Ease of use
  • Battery life
  • Noise level
  • Weight

Here are the best massage guns for athletes to help you get that deep-tissue recovery your muscles crave.

The Best Massage Guns of 2024

1. Theragun Mini

  • Speed Settings:‌ 3
  • Attachments:‌ 1
  • Battery Life: ‌150 minutes

If you're looking to take your tool with you to the gym or when you travel, consider this compact pick. Just because it's small, though, doesn't mean it lacks power.


Choose from three speed settings, knowing that the battery will last for 150 minutes. And if for some reason you do run out of juice, the charger is small enough to fit into the gun's carrying case.

Buy it:Therabody; ‌Price:‌ $199

2. Hypervolt 2 Pro

  • Speed Settings: ‌5
  • Attachments: ‌5
  • Battery Life:‌ 180 minutes

Sync your Hypervolt massage gun to its companion app to control it via your phone. And while the 90-watt motor provides a good amount of force on the muscles that need it most, you can also scale it back for more sensitive areas.



"Despite its power, it's quieter than some of its competitors, which I like," says Andrew Nuñez, CPT, creator of Good Morning Team and trainer at Barry's in Los Angeles. One charge lasts for three hours. Rotate between the five different head attachments.

Buy it:Hyperice; ‌Price:‌ $329

3. TimTam Power Massager Pro

  • Speed Settings: ‌3
  • Attachments: ‌3
  • Battery Life:‌ 60 minutes

If you need a heavy hitter, you've met your match with this best deep tissue massage gun. It can make as many as 2,800 strokes per minute, making it a force to be reckoned with.


"It's a good option for those who opt for a more aggressive deep tissue massage," Waldman says.

While it's a bit bulkier than most other options, it still fits in a small carrying case.

Buy it:Walmart; ‌Price:‌ $435

4. Sonic LX Percussion Massage Gun

  • Speed Settings: ‌9
  • Attachments: ‌7
  • Battery Life: ‌240 minutes

If you're looking to get the most bang for your buck, this gun just might be your perfect fit.


"It's a great price point," Waldman says. "And it offers a lot of versatility with nine speed intensity levels and seven massage heads. It's pretty quiet, too." Plus, a single charge lasts up to four hours. Impressive.


Buy it:Amazon; ‌Price: ‌$139.99

5. Legiral LE3

  • Speed Settings: ‌20
  • Attachments: ‌6
  • Battery Life:‌ 360 minutes

The Legiral LE3 fully charges in just two hours and holds six hours of power. Easily navigate the LED-screen to adjust the speed and vibration level to your liking.


It can penetrate deep into muscles, and reviewers felt that helped their muscles recover faster after difficult workouts. Note that this tool is on the heavier side.

Buy it:Legiral; ‌Price:‌ $79.99

6. Theragun Elite

  • Speed Settings: ‌5
  • Attachments: ‌5
  • Battery Life: ‌120 minutes

Smaller and 75 percent quieter than its previous versions, the Theragun Elite precision massage gun has a control and display screen for easy use.

"It also has great battery life — approximately 120 minutes or so — and provides up to 40 pounds of force," Waldman says.

Buy it:Therabody; ‌Price:‌ $399

7. Vybe Percussion Massage Gun Pro

  • Speed Settings: ‌9
  • Attachments:‌ 8
  • Battery Life:‌ 180 minutes

At about half the price of some high-end percussion guns, but equal in its performance capabilities, this option is not to be overlooked. The gun comes with eight different head attachments that you can use at nine different speeds.


"As it competes with the top dogs on the market, Vybe actually puts up a great fight when it comes to deep percussive therapy and great speed," Nuñez says. Plus, it's lightweight and easy to grip.

Buy it:Amazon; ‌Price:‌ $150.47

8. Sportneer Deep Tissue Muscle Percussion Massage Gun

  • Speed Settings: ‌5
  • Attachments:‌ 6
  • Battery Life:‌ 360 minutes

If you're planning to take your device with you to the gym or when you travel, the last thing you need is for the battery to drain. That's hardly an issue with this option, which can last up to six hours.

The gun also has an auto-off feature after 10 minutes of use to help maintain battery life. The company says that's the perfect amount of time to get the benefits without overdoing it. It's extremely quiet, too, at just 35 to 45 decibels max, which is about half as loud as a car driving by. And all for under $50.

Buy it:Amazon; ‌Price:‌ $39.59

9. Hypervolt Go 2

  • Speed Settings: ‌3
  • Attachments: ‌2
  • Battery Life: ‌150 minutes

Weighing just a pound and a half, this gun will become your favorite gym buddy. Its small size allows you to hit some harder to reach places with ease.

"Your hand won't tire out with this gun because it's lightweight and still has a good grip," Waldman says. And while the motor is only 40 watts, it offers three speed options, each of which is powerful enough to get a good massage.


Buy it:Best Buy;Price:‌ $129

10. TaoTronics Professional Deep Tissue Muscle Massager Gun

  • Speed Settings: ‌20
  • Attachments: ‌6
  • Battery Life:‌ 600 minutes

The LED screen on the back of this massage tool displays the speed as well as battery level. So not only do you know which of the 20 speed options you're using, but also when you need to recharge.

Users love the range of power and that the gun has an ergonomic design, so it's easy to hold. Plus, even with daily use, the battery life can last up to a week or more.

Buy it:TaoTronics; ‌Price:‌ $59.99

11. TOLOCO Massage Gun

  • Speed Settings:‌ 7
  • Attachments: ‌10
  • Battery Life: ‌180 minutes

With 10 different head attachments, it's impossible not to find one you like. And the best part is it's easy to switch and use multiple attachments in one session.

The device also has a carrying case so you can store everything together and avoid misplacing parts.

Buy it:Amazon;Price:‌ $39.99

What to Consider Before You Buy

1. Ease of Use

Chances are good that even if you have a partner, trainer or friend who can use the massager on you, the majority of the time you'll use it on yourself.

"It's important that it's easy to handle," Nuñez says. Read reviews and make sure it doesn't sound too complicated to operate, handle or charge.

2. Noise Level

"This is a pretty big one for me," Nuñez says. "I'm often using mine in public places and on the go, so while I want the gun to be effective, I need it to be enjoyable for the ears as well."

Consider how and where you'll be using your massager and how much noise it will make. Check the product description's listed decibel level. (For reference, 70 decibels is the sound of a car driving by).

3. Power Level

"The most important factors to look for in my opinion are how much power the device can produce and if there is an ability to adjust it," Waldman says. Each part of your body will likely need a different level.

4. Device Weight

"It needs to be comfortable to hold without causing wrist or hand pain," Waldman says. "If you're not the strongest person or have weaker wrists, you may want to look for a gun that's at the lighter end of the spectrum, as it will be more comfortable to hold and use."

Smaller ones can weigh as little as 1.5 pounds, while larger ones can weight closer to 3 pounds.