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The Hypervolt is a non-bulky design, so it can fit smoothly in your gym bag.

The best way to spend a Sunday? With self-care. For me, that's an episode of "The Bachelor" and some uninterrupted time with my Hypervolt massage gun — trust me, massage makes the cringe-worthy drama even better.


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But this tool can do way more than just soothe some guilty pleasure. Recovery is a way I love to give back to my body and set myself up for a high-performing week. And I will say, it's a must-have for the tightest knots in my upper back.

You don't need to be an athlete to enjoy the Hypervolt, though. I have plenty of friends who don't love exercise but definitely love stealing my gun every chance they get (you know who you are).


Real talk: At $349, the Hypervolt is no small investment. So, what makes this massage gun such a miracle worker? Let me walk you through my envy-worthy self-care Sunday massage routine.

It all starts with switching my phone to airplane mode to limit all distractions. I like to control the device through my phone — it can sync via Bluetooth to the Hyperice app — so I don't want any notifications popping up during my "me" time.


Then, I scroll through the app, select the muscle group I want to massage and choose the routine or massage sequence I like best. There are plenty to choose from, so I like to try new routines as often as possible.

Although the app makes recommendations on which of the five(!!!) attachments to use for which body part, I've discovered my own preferences after a few uses.


The Hypervolt attachments comes with five attachment heads and an easy-to-store case so nothing gets lost.

Generally, I like to start with the fork-shaped attachment on my upper body because the prongs are small and slender enough to work the muscles in my traps and upper back without nailing my spine.


Then, I switch to the ball-shaped attachment for my quads, and it's a dream after my Saturday leg workouts. This attachment is the largest so it helps cover a lot of surface area at once.

Finally, I end with the mini bullet head on my feet because it's tiny enough to massage the small muscles. My arches ​love​ it after a night spent in heels.


I like to increase and decrease the speed of the gun (there are three settings), depending on how sensitive my muscles are. My smaller upper-body muscles are usually the most tender, so I stick to the first or second level for those. Then for my quads or calves, I bump it up to the third.

Even at the third speed, though, the Hypervolt is super quiet, which is a plus my roomie loves. Other massage guns sound a little bit like you're running a blender or vacuum, but Hyperice's QuietGlide technology barely makes a peep.


After I wrap up my total-body Hypervolt session, I swear, my muscles feel totally refreshed. Which is no surprise, considering massage is great for recovery. The increased blood flow helps reduce delayed onset muscle soreness and boosts energy, according to the Mayo Clinic — similarly to a massage.

And if I could afford a $100-an-hour massage once a week, I'd gladly invest. But as a 20-something, it's well outside of my budget. I'm not complaining, though. Considering the Hypervolt is lightweight and small enough to fit in my bag. Why spend the time, money and gas if I can DIY my recovery with awesome results?


Ready to take a page from my book and infinitely improve your muscle-care routine? Jump online and snatch your Hypervolt massage gun.

Buy it:; Price: $349



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