Calories in a Honeycrisp Apple

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The delicious Honeycrisp apple places regularly as one of the best apples in sensory evaluations conducted by the University of Minnesota. This tasty apple, characterized by a distinctive yellow background overlaid with mottled red, is excellent for salads, sauces and raw. It is also a beneficial choice as part of a healthy and balanced diet due to its low-calorie, high-fiber content.


Calorie Count

The U.S. Department of Agriculture nutrient database lists the caloric content of apples -- unspecified type -- based on size. The calorie count ranges from 77 calories contained in a small fruit to 116 calories in a large. The Washington State Apple Coalition states that a large 8-ounce generic apple contains 130 calories. A medium-sized Honeycrisp apple will fall somewhere in this range.


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Other Benefits

Apples are also excellent sources of dietary fiber, with a medium apple containing almost 5 grams of this important nutrient that aids in digestion and creates a sense of fullness. This sense of fullness may help decrease caloric intake, thus aiding in weight loss. In addition, this fruit is fat-free and cholesterol-free and therefore makes a healthy dessert or snack.




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