Homemade pumpkin cream soup with parmesan cheese and peeled pumpkin seeds.

8 Healthy Apple Snacks

Close-up of red apples
autumn mood composition with red apples in wicker basket and yellow leaves
Two apples on wooden table
Close-up of fruit in a supermarket
Two apples on wooden table
Basket with red apples on the grass
Red and yellow apples
various fresh fruits

Nutritional Content of Pears vs. Apples

Apple sauce in rustic brown dish on dark wood.
crab apple tree
Hands peeling apple
Apples on tree, Worcester Permain, close-up
Homemade delicious apple pie with lattice pattern
woman eating an apple
fresh apples in wicker basket on wooden table
Green Apple Slices
Fresh apples and bananas on green bowl

Banana Vs. Apple

Fresh Apple Crumble
Wet Apples and Orange
Yellow apple
Composition with Red Apples on the wooden table, square image
Cripps Pink apples
Cripps Pink apple
Chinese pear
Apple muffin
Apple Turnover Closeup
Fresh red apple juice
Caramel Apple
red apple
Autumn apples
Fuji apples
three golden delicious apples
Honeycrisp apples on a wood background.

Calories in a Honeycrisp Apple