The Calories in an Extra Large Apple

A close-up of ripe red apples.
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Apples are widely held as a healthy snack food. Although apples are nutritious, and in all ways better than candy or potato chips, "Eat, Drink and Be Healthy," author Walter Willett warns that apples and other fruits are high in calories.


Total Calories

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture gives calorie information for apples of different sizes. Although different apples will have different calorie content, an average extra large apple contains about 130 calories.

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Calorie Breakdown

The vast majority of the calories in an apple come from carbohydrates. In the 130 calories from an extra-large apple, 124 come from carbs. The remaining calories consist of two calories from protein and four of fat.


The calorie content in individual apples can vary widely. Sweeter breeds of apples contain more calories, while tarter apples contain less. Apples that grown naturally large tend to have fewer calories than an apple of the same size from a breed that is typically smaller.



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