What Are the Benefits of Liberte Yogurt?

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Liberte is a Canadian company that started producing cheese in 1928 in Montreal. In 1964 the company started to make yogurt and now produces a variety of cow and goat milk dairy products. Liberte yogurts are made from "rBGH free" milk from the Champlain Valley in Vermont. Bioghurt are probiotic cultures added to the yogurt that give it a creamy taste and smooth texture and offer the health benefits of live acidophilus and bifidus cultures, says the company website.

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Live and Active Cultures

Liberte yogurt contains active acidophilus and bifidus cultures, which transform lactose, or milk sugar, into lactic acid, a friendly environment for "good" bacteria to thrive. These good bacteria, called probiotics, live in your digestive tract and help your body to process food and absorb nutrients. Healthy gut flora also "crowd out" bad bacteria and help to keep your immune system functioning.

No Additives

Liberte yogurt does not add fillers, sugars or preservatives to its plain yogurt. Other options are the Mediteranee line of fat-free yogurts that contain fruit or the Six Grains products, which are low-fat yogurts with both fruit and grains added and sweetened with fruit juice instead of sugar. Although the fruit and grains are not organic, they are labeled "all natural," and all varieties of Liberte yogurts contain probiotics.

Lower Blood Pressure

Eating Liberte low fat yogurt may help to prevent high blood pressure because of its high potassium content. An 8-oz serving has almost 600 mg of potassium, which may help to flush excess sodium from your body. Getting rid of that sodium will cut your risk for high blood pressure, hypertension and heart disease.

Recover Faster After Exercise

Eating Liberte yogurt within one hour after exercising can help your body recover faster. The protein in yogurt gives your muscles the amino acids they need to repair themselves, while the carbohydrates replace energy used to work out.

Boost Immunity

Just 4-oz a day of Liberte yogurt can make your immune system stronger. Eating yogurt produces stronger and more active T cells, which fight infection, allergy and illness. The healthy bacteria in yogurt boost the cells in your immune system, making it easier to ward off infection.


Ulcers are caused by bacteria in the stomach that are usually fought with antibiotics. New research suggests that eating lots of live cultures, such as those found in Liberte yogurt, controls the ulcer-causing microorganisms. The good bacteria in yogurt crowds out the bad, and restores balance in the digestive system.

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