How to Store Alfalfa Sprouts

A large pile of fresh alfalfa sprouts.
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Alfalfa sprouts are a member of the pea family and are therefore classified as legumes. Alfalfa sprouts are nutrient-dense and are rich in vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, B vitamins, zinc, calcium, magnesium and folic acid. Rich in a saponin, a compound that lowers bad cholesterol and stimulates the immune system, alfalfa sprouts are particularly beneficial to a healthy eating plan. You should store them properly because they are highly perishable.


Step 1

Rinse your batch of alfalfa sprouts under cool water to thoroughly clean them.

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Step 2

Dry the sprouts with paper towels and let them air dry. Storing alfalfa sprouts that are wet will cause them to spoil quickly while in the refrigerator.

Step 3

Stuff a reasonable amount of alfalfa sprouts in a medium-sized plastic storage bag.

Step 4

Store the bags in the crisper compartment of your refrigerator. Use your alfalfa sprouts within four days to savor them while fresh.

Things You'll Need

  • Medium-sized plastic storage bags

  • Paper towels


Do not freeze your alfalfa sprouts.

If you bought your sprouts packaged in a ventilated, plastic foam container, simply store it in the refrigerator without rinsing.

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