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The number of calories in a doughnut depends on the type and size of doughnut. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, doughnuts are high in calories. In addition to a high volume of calories, doughnuts also contain a lot of fat and sugar, and doughnuts should not be eaten frequently.


You can find doughnuts in different shapes, sizes and varieties, and the calorie content of a doughnut varies. Cake doughnuts contain about 198 calories if they are of medium size. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a glazed doughnut contains about 240 calories and 120 of those calories are from fat. A medium-size frosted cake doughnut has 251 calories, but if the doughnut is large, it can contain 327 calories. A small frosted cake doughnut contains 171 calories. A medium-size chocolate raised doughnut with frosting contains 275 calories. If it is a large doughnut, it contains 395 calories. A regular medium-size raised doughnut has 242 calories, but a large raised doughnut has 302 calories. Doughnuts filled with jelly are about 221 calories each. Doughnut holes can contain as little as 29 calories, but a frosted cake doughnut hole contains 95 calories.

The Facts

In addition to a high volume of calories, some doughnuts contain partially hydrogenated oils, which aren't healthy for the heart, and most doughnuts are made with white flour. Glazed doughnuts contain 210 mg of sodium. A plain cake sugar or glazed doughnut contains 18 amino acids and calcium.


Information on the number of calories in a doughnut can be useful if you are overweight and on a diet. The information can help you avoid consuming high calorie foods such as doughnuts, and the numbers can be helpful if you are trying to maintain a healthy weight.


The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases suggests you avoid consuming sweet foods such as doughnuts if you want to control your weight and stay healthy. Doughnuts are packed with calories, and an excess amount of calories can cause weight gain. Doughnuts can also cause an increase in blood sugar level.


Choose healthful foods to eat, and avoid eating too many doughnuts. If you want something sweet, bite into an apple or have a banana. To avoid having a doughnut for breakfast, think of a doughnut as an unhealthful snack, not a nutritious breakfast food. Have a bowl of cereal instead.

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