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Step up your exercise routine with a pedometer that keeps track of the steps you take each day. Shape Up America recommends setting a goal of 10,000 steps a day to improve your health and stay in shape. Pedometers are easy to use; simply clip one onto your belt or front pocket, centered over one thigh, and walk. Regularly wearing a pedometer might inspire you to take the stairs instead of the elevator or park a little farther from the door at the mall. To encourage fitness, some organizations give away free pedometers.


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Contact a university near your home. Many colleges and universities sponsor walking programs or clubs. Memberships often include a free pedometer and other fitness tools. Some programs require you to be a student or faculty member to enroll in the walking program, but others are open to the public.

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Check with your health insurance company. Some health insurance companies hand out free pedometers as part of wellness programs to encourage members to stay healthy. Contact your employer's human resources department, or call the customer service number on your health insurance card.

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Contact your state's Department of Health and ask about programs that offer free pedometers. Some states are encourage residents to get healthy by giving out free pedometers and signing citizens up for walking programs.

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Look for free offers online. Some health and fitness websites offer free pedometers and other fitness tools to people who sign up for mailing lists, use coupons or make purchases. Offers like these come and go, but an Internet search for a "free pedometer" may turn up many options for you.

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