How Many Calories Are in One Baby Carrot?

The crunch of baby carrots is so satisfying, you just might be able to swap potato chips for nature's sweet orange gems. Not only are baby carrots a low-calorie snack, they are also packed with nutrients including folate, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin A. You can enjoy just one carrot or a whole bag without a bit of guilt.


The USDA National Nutrient Database gives two calorie values based on the size of the baby carrot. A large baby carrot -- weighing roughly 15 grams -- has 5 calories, while a medium carrot, 10 grams, has 4 calories.


Served plain, baby carrots are an excellent, low-calorie snack. If you start dipping your carrots in dressing, however, the calorie count increases significantly. A single tablespoon of ranch dressing has a whopping 63 calories. If you're craving creamy, try mixing plain, low-fat yogurt with seasonings for a healthy dip replacement.