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Waffle House grits are high in carbohydrates.

Grits is a traditional Native American food similar to a thick porridge. The main ingredient in grits is coarsely ground corn, which you simmer in water or milk to soften the grain. It is possible to add more or less liquid until the dish reaches a desired thickness. Grits are high in carbohydrates and low in fat when you do not add butter to the mixture.

Serving Information

Waffle House restaurants have a single serving small bowl of grits. The grits are available as either regular grits or cheese grits. Nutritional information is only available for the regular-style grits. Cheese grits are the same serving size and have a higher calories and fat content from the cheese.


A single serving bowl of regular-style grits from Waffle House has approximately 200 calories. A large portion of the calories comes from carbohydrates since the dish consists primarily of corn grain.


A small bowl of Waffle House grits has approximately 52 g carbohydrates. According to, this value is approximately 20 percent of the recommended daily amount for a 2,000-calorie diet. The nutritional data does not list the fiber and sugar values that contribute to the total carbohydrate amount.

Fat and Protein

Waffle House regular grits has approximately 5 g fat for a small, single serving bowl. The nutritional data does not list the saturated fat, unsaturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol values for the dish. Waffle House grits has approximately 6 g protein in each serving.

Vitamins and Minerals

The Waffle House nutritional data for grits does not list the vitamin and mineral content for the menu item. This does not mean there are no significant amounts in the dish. The process of making grits does not include sodium; however, it is common to add sodium to the dish at the time of consumption. Pay attention to the amount of salt added if you are concerned about your sodium intake.

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