How Many Calories Can a Person Burn With Ankle Weights On?

A woman is wearing ankle weights.
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Wearing ankle weights can increase the resistance level of your workout and enable you to burn extra calories. Using ankle weights can strengthen muscles and improve muscle and cardiovascular endurance, but may also increase your risk of injury.



The number of calories you burn while wearing ankle weights depends on the length of time you wear the weights, the value of the weights you use, the intensity of your activity and your own body weight.

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Calories Burned

A 140-pound woman wearing 5-pound ankle weights will burn around 38 calories in 10 minutes while walking briskly. A 165-pound individual without ankle weights will burn 43 calories, and wearing 5-pound weights will burn 45 calories, according to ACE Fitness.



Ankle weights may increase your risk of injury if you have weak or sensitive joints. You can burn the same amount of calories without wearing ankle weights by simply increasing your level of intensity.




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