Health Benefits of Pito-Pito Tea

Pito-Pito tea is a combination of seven blends of herbs and plants that are known for their medicinal and healing properties. While Pito-Pito is not always found in tea form, it is mostly commonly consumed in this way. Health benefits of Pito-Pito tea range from fever reduction to acne scar reduction.

Relief for the Common Cold and Headaches

Pito-Pito tea is traditionally consumed to eliminate as well as ward off the common cold. While the warm water that combines with the herbs works to soothe sore throats and reduce inflammation in the throat, the herbs are administered to boost immunity and promote healing. While coriander and anise seeds are often used in the drink, fruit leaves such as mango and guava leaves are used to provide your immune system an added boost. In addition to reducing symptoms, the tea can also be consumed prior to symptoms in order to act as a defense against flu season or even basic headaches.


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Help With Digestive Disorders

Pito-Pito tea is also designed to help you remedy basic digestive disorders. Drinking the tea in conjunction with or prior to consuming a meal is said to reduce inflammation in the digestive tract as well as relieve basic diarrhea and other stomach-related illnesses. The alagao and pandan leaves are known to be natural digestives that help you break down and process the food you have consumed.

Pito Pito can be made with different ingredients depending on your current location and natural resources. Despite this, many of the leaves and seeds that have healing powers are left untouched.

Asthma and Respiratory Function Aid

Pito-Pito tea is also designed to help improve your lung capacity and overall ability to breathe clearly. While the soothing properties of hot Pito-Pito tea often stem from the steam that emanates from the top of the drink, the tea itself is infused with seven different types of plants that each work to improve your ability to breathe and relax.


The hot tea soothes the throat, causing your lungs to expand and additional air to get through. While many people consume the tea, others will place their heads under a towel and simply breathe in the steam that comes from the tea.




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