How Many Calories Does Hip Hop Dancing Burn?

Hip hop dance can be an effective way to burn calories.

Hip hop dance is a style of dance that has its roots deep in urban culture. Hip hop is typically danced to upbeat hip-hop music and incorporates full-body movements that require significant amounts of muscle strength, stamina and endurance.


Calories Burned

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A 125 lb. individual will burn approximately six calories per minute during exercise or 388 calories in one hour, according to A 150 lb. individual will burn around eight calories per minute or 465 calories in one hour of hip hop dancing.

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Calorie expenditure through exercise is a very individual matter. The number of calories you burn during a workout will depend on your body weight, body fat percentage, muscle density, and intensity and duration of your exercise.

Health Benefits of Hip Hop

High-intensity dances like hip hop can provide your body with a number of health benefits, according to the Better Health Channel. For example, hip hop can condition your heart and lungs, increase aerobic fitness, improve mental functioning, improve coordination, flexibility, agility and coordination, and help in weight management and weight loss.




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