How Many Calories Are Burned in Sprinting?

Sprinting is a short burst of running at high speed that normally lasts for under a minute. Andrea Chernus, a New York City exercise physiologist, claims that sprinting can increase cardiovascular capacity, therefore helping to prevent heart disease.

Sprinting can help you to lose weight.


The exact amount of calories you burn when sprinting will depend on your starting weight and how fast you run. A 150 lb. person who sprints at a speed of 10 mph for one minute will burn around 20 calories. If she sprints at 8 mph for one minute, she will burn around 15 calories.


According to Professor James Timmons of Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, the risk of developing both heart disease or Type 2 diabetes is reduced substantially by regular high-intensity workouts such as sprinting. Timmons also states that by performing a few high-intensity exercises, each lasting only about half a minute, can dramatically improve your metabolism in just a few weeks.


Sprinting burns considerably more calories than jogging or walking. In comparison to the 20 calories burned during a one-minute sprint, a 150 lb. person would only burn around 10 calories per minute while jogging, or 5 calories per minute when walking at a moderate pace.

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