How Many Calories Are in Werther's Original Candy?

Werther's Originals make caramel candies.
Image Credit: Magone/iStock/Getty Images

Werther's Original produces numerous varieties of caramels, including chewy caramels, caramel-filled candies, caramel chocolates and even sugar-free flavors. But Werther's Original is most famous for its classic hard candy in the distinctive gold wrapper.


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According to the official Werther's Original website, a serving of three candy pieces contains 70 calories, meaning a single piece has 23.3 calories.


The official Werther's Original website notes that three pieces of its classic hard candy provide 1.5 g of fat, 1 g saturated fat, less than 5 mg cholesterol, 45 mg sodium, 14 g carbohydrates, 10 g sugar and 0 g protein.



Werther's Originals makes its hard candies from sugar, glucose syrup, cream, butter, whey, salt, emulsifier soy lecithin and vanillin.


In 1903, August Stock founded the Werther steam-powered candy factory in the small German village of Werther. One of the company's employees, Gustav Nebel, devised the recipe for Werther's Originals and created their trademark flavor.