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Apple fritters offer a rich taste of apple and cinnamon.
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Perusing the baked goods counter at your favorite bake shop presents you with dozens of choices. If you enjoy the combination of fruit and cinnamon, an ideal choice is the apple fritter, which isn't technically a doughnut, but is typically sold alongside donuts. The caloric content of this sweet treat varies according to where you purchase it.

Brand Influences Calories

An apple fritter from Dunkin' Donuts contains 410 calories. If you opt for an apple fritter from Starbucks, expect to eat 420 calories. At Krispy Kreme, the apple fritter has 210 calories, while at Tim Hortons, an apple fritter contains 300 calories. In addition to the ingredients, the serving size of the fritter also dictates its caloric content. For example, the lower calories in a Krispy Kreme apple fritter are partially due to its serving size of 87 grams, which is significantly smaller than the 124-gram fritter at Starbucks.

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