Weight Watchers Points: Subway

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The Weight Watchers Point System simplifies your food choices by assigning foods point values and then telling you how many points you should eat each day. Many prepackaged foods may include the number of Weight Watchers points, while others are easy to calculate after a quick look at the food label. However restaurant menus still remain a problem for dieters, as their points may not be as easy to calculate.

6-Inch Sandwiches

Most of the classic sandwiches can vary between seven and 11 points, depending mainly on the toppings. One of the highest value subs is the Meatball Marinara for 11 points, mainly because of the meatballs, which are six points. In the same range are the Chicken & Bacon Ranch, the Spicy Italian and the Big Philly Cheesesteak, which are all 10 to 11 points. Lower-point classic subs are the B.L.T., Steak & Cheese and the Subway Melt, each for seven points.

6-Inch Low-Fat Sandwiches

Subway also tries to accommodate dieters and offers many low-fat choices. In these options, you can find low-fat meats, as in the Turkey Breast sub and the Oven Roasted chicken sub, each for five points, or vegetarian options such as the Veggie Delite for four points. All the footlong versions are roughly double the points.

Make Your Own Sub

If you are looking to make your own low-fat sub, you can use meats like roasted chicken, chicken strips, ham or roast beef, each between one and two points, and a low-fat dressing like honey mustard sauce or sweet onion sauce, both for zero points, or light mayonnaise for one point, adding as much of the zero point vegetables you like. Instead of or in addition to meat, you can have any kind of cheese for two points. Regarding the type of bread you choose, you add three points for the Italian and nine-grain and four points for any other type.

6-Inch Breakfast Sandwiches

The great variety of breakfast subs represent a great variety in Weight Watchers points, as well. Here the difference is made by the type of bread you pick, as well as whether you choose an egg white over a regular egg. With the wheat muffin choice of two points value, you can make an Egg & Cheese sub of three points. The addition of two strips of bacon is one point and of a sausage is six points.


Subway salads are all low-point options. You can choose among a Black Forest Ham or an Oven Roasted Chicken Breast salad each for two points or a three-point one like the Roast Beef, Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki or Subway Club salad. However you should pay attention to the dressing you use, as the fat-free Italian is only one additional point, while the ranch salad dressing is five points.


Weight Watchers is constantly evolving its program to meet the needs and demands of its users. That means that point calculations sometimes change, as do point requirements for each person. In order to ensure that you are calculating your foods correctly, consult your group leader for further information.

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