How Many Pounds Will You Lose If You Burn Off 300 Calories?

The National Institutes of Health report that 1 lb. of fat is equivalent to approximately 3,500 calories. As such, burning off 300 calories equates to less than one-tenth of a pound of fat. However, burning more calories than you consume daily can lead to steady weight loss.

Exercising every day can help you drop pounds.
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Body Mass Index

Being overweight increases your risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure and other health problems. If your body mass index is 25 or higher, it's in your best interest to exercise and lose weight.


Burning 300 calories per day won't necessarily lead to weight loss, but if you burn an excess of 300 calories daily, you'll slowly start to lose weight. Over a full week, in which you burn an excess of 300 calories per day, you'll lose roughly two-thirds of a pound.

About Calories

If weight loss is your goal, you will also benefit by eating fewer calories. Reducing your calorie intake helps make your weight-loss goals easier to attain. A simple way to cut down on your calorie intake is to avoid soda and foods that are high in sugar and saturated fat.

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